Zilliqa dominates the bull run! Analysis for those who want to invest now

A very good day for the whole cryptocurrency sector, even if some of them, like Zilliqa, are still able to stand out, recording in 24 hours the same gain made by the top of the class… in a week.

Zilliqa confirms itself as one of the most lively projects – and not only in the market – given the many innovations that are in the pipeline and that are making this token ubiquitous in the world of NFTs, swaps

and other high appreciation niches today. Zilliqa dominates the bull run! Analysis for those who want to invest nowZilliqa leads the growth chart: our analysis Is it

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Zilliqa everywhere – and the markets are toasting

Needless to turn around. All the positive movement of the last few hours came about thanks to an incredible redemption of Bitcoin, which broke the previous channel and headed, very quickly, towards $39,000. A sudden movement that also involved the main cryptocurrencies in the sector – as well as the most lively altcoins, such as Zilliqa. But what is the reason for the bigger rise for Zilliqa compared to more emblazoned projects like Ethereum? There are a number of issues for a project that is becoming the real pariah

of the blockchain world.

Ranging from the marketplace for NFTs (albeit a late arrival for some) to interest in the gaming world and the world of decentralized finance

. Anyone interested in any of these areas has met directly and repeatedly with ZIL itself. The arrival of ZIL 4, only 4 days away – next July 30 – has also helped excite spirits, particularly among buyers.

  • Rebound stronger than the projects that had suffered the most

The 24-hour growth data always requires a double reading. We can’t stop at the number, however interesting it may be in the case of ZIL. Because several of the cryptocurrencies that are making significant growth today all or most of them had been most affected by the last correction. And so it’s easier to grow when, as today, there are some that have.


Technical analysis on Zilliqa

In such strong market situations, technical analysis has limited power to read the trend, but still complements the understanding of a very positive moment for Zilliqa (and in general for the whole sector)


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Moving averages on Zilliqa for the next 24 hours

The daily moving averages are very uncertain, a typical picture when any asset is overwhelmed by such a large growth in such a short period. Technical indicators however, as we will see in a very short while, tell of a much more interesting situation



Indicators on Zilliqa over 24 hours

Almost all indicators, with the exception of MACD, signal a rise, a sign that the bullish situation is stabilizing, creating a basis, probably, for a future bull run. The situation then, at least limiting ourselves to what the technical analysis tells us, would be very positive for Zilliqa.

Zilliqa is one of the projects we have in our cryptocurrency portfolio to buy

, which confirms our excellent choice, also in view of today’s important recovery. For us, it remains interesting not only because of today’s +20%, but also from a medium to long term perspective and outlook.

Zilliqa, despite the fact that for many people it is being driven by the hype about the various niches, espousing heterogeneous projects such as NFT and DeFi, actually has a very solid team behind it, which although not excelling in terms of timing has a great ease in implementing new services. With a view to a more distributed and diversified portfolio, ZIL can definitely be one of the alternatives to evaluate.