Ethereum co-founder wants to end cryptocurrency adventure
Ethereum co-founder wants to end cryptocurrency adventure Ethereum co-founder wants to end cryptocurrency adventure

Anthony Di Iorio, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, has announced his retirement from the cryptocurrency industry.

As a result, he will be gradually exiting his investments in cryptocurrency-related companies and will devote his time and resources to philanthropic activities.

Anthony Di Iorio is retiring from crypto

The 48-year-old Di Iorio not only co-founded the second largest cryptocurrency (besides him and Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood and Charles Hoskinson were responsible for creating ETH), but he also owns Decentral, founded in 2014, which released the popular Jaxx wallet. With the announcement of his crypto retirement, Anthony Di Iorio is looking to sell his company. Three years ago, the Ethereum co-founder also supported the project of the first decentralized search engine Presearch, which we described in the article Internet 3.0.

Philanthropic activity instead of business activity

The next stage of his retirement is expected to be reducing his cooperation with cryptocurrency companies and replacing them with philanthropic projects. According to some sources, Di Iorio’s decision to quit his job and leave the cryptocurrency industry is due to growing concerns about his own security.

Crypto billionaires who like to help

Anthony Di Iorio won’t be the first person to make a fortune from cryptocurrencies or new technologies and use their wealth to help others. Twitter’s CEO is a prime example. Although Jack Dorsey is still not interested in ethereum, the biggest billionaires could learn from him in his philanthropic activities. He donated 1/3 of his wealth, or about $1 billion, to the fight against pandemic.

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American billionaire Bill Pulte, whom the media called Bitcoin Bill, became famous for giving away cryptocurrencies. Back in 2019, we described his activities in the article Bitcoin Bill, or the billionaire, philanthropist, and money-grubbing cryptocurrency giver, and as recent posts on Twitter(@pulte) show, he is still continuing his mission.

How do you use cryptocurrencies to help?

Those who would like to start using their cryptocurrencies to help others can look to the article Cryptocurrencies for UK Charity for inspiration. Alternatively, the simplest option is to <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>The blockchain charity | Binance Charity.