With Trader Joe, does Avalanche (AVAX) finally have its "DeFi Killer"?

Avalanche of investors for Trader Joe

– The DeFi Trader Joe protocol raises $5 million, a war chest that should allow the project to expand its team. The Decentralized Finance platform that relies on the Avalanche network (AVAX) also plans to diversify the services it offers.

Big names behind Trader Joe

According to The Block

media, the DeFi Trader Joe protocol built on Avalanche (AVAX) is raising $5 million in a private token sale. The round saw participation from DeFiance Capital, GBV Capital, Mechanism Capital, ThreeArrows Capital, Not3Lau Capital, Coin98 Ventures, Avalanche Foundation, Delphi Digital, Coin98 Ventures, Not3Lau Capital, and Aave founder Stani Kulechov. With Trader Joe, does Avalanche (AVAX) finally have its "DeFi Killer"?With Trader Joe, does Avalanche (AVAX) finally have its "DeFi Killer"?

In a tweet on September 02, 2021, the anonymous co-founder of Trader Joe known by the pseudonym Cryptofish, highlights the encouraging support for the protocol by these big names in the cryptosphere:

“Trader Joe started as a basic project, launched in a fair way, with the vision of being on the frontiers of DeFi. And now to have the industry’s largest investors willing to put their names behind us in our quest to achieve that vision is extremely encouraging.”

Le protocole DeFi Trader Joe basé sur Avalanche (AVAX) lève 5 millions de dollars, et a désormais de grands noms derrière lui.Le protocole DeFi Trader Joe basé sur Avalanche (AVAX) lève 5 millions de dollars, et a désormais de grands noms derrière lui. Cryptofish release – Source: Twitter

For portfolio manager at DeFiance Capital, Darryl Wang, an arm of Three Arrows Capital, Trader Joe could become “the dominant DeFi platform on Avalanche.”

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Trader Joe is one step away from the top spot

This new money will be used to bolster Trader Joe’s current staff of 15. Trader Joe hopes to increase that number to 20 in the near future, according to the project’s other anonymous co-founder, 0xMurloc.

The co-founders of Trader Joe decided to remain anonymous in order to gain efficiency, according to 0xMurloc:

“Compared to typical tech startups, we don’t have to spend time incorporatingLLCs, etc.”

The 2 co-founders only reveal themselves to their partners when necessary.

Launched in July 2021, Trader Joe currently ranks 2nd in Avalanche’s DeFi ecosystem in terms of total locked-in value (TVL), behind Benqi.

In terms of service, Trader Joe currently offers a decentralized trading platform. 0xMurloc said the protocol plans to launch a lending platform “soon”. He further stated that the platform offers “the best user experience,” with “the largest selection” of tokens to trade.

This fundraising not only contributes to the development of Trader Joe, but also indirectly to that of the Avalanche ecosystem. The latter has also embarked on a seduction operation of DeFi protocols, with the Avalanche Foundation putting $180 million on the table to attract more DeFi assets and applications on the network.

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