With Bybit's referral program you can earn up to 2.500 USDT

Key facts:
  • For every user who signs up for Bybit with your referral link, you will receive rewards.

  • The higher the number of referrals, the higher the earnings.

One of the advantages of trading on exchanges like Bybit is that you get multiple benefits thanks to their available promotions. With their referral program, you have the opportunity to earn extra income in a very simple way. All you have to do is to invite other people to join this trading platform. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Invite your friends to join Bybit and win USDT rewards!

Right now, Bybit has a promotion that might interest you, and it’s only available for the Spanish-speaking market. It is their referral program, through which it is possible to receive bonuses of up to 2,500 USDT.

All you have to do is invite your acquaintances to register at the exchange with your referral code. Of course, your referrals must deposit funds on the platform and trade on it for their registration to be valid for this promotion. The more referrals you have, the more rewards you get.

If you have three referrals, your reward will be 50 USDT. On the other hand, if you get 100 referrals or more, you will receive a bonus of 2,000 USDT. This table shows the bonus that corresponds to the number of referrals of each user:

With Bybit's referral program you can earn up to 2.500 USDT With Bybit's referral program you can earn up to 2.500 USDT Table of rewards according to the number of referrals. Source: Bybit

And another good news: if your referrals reach a certain level of trading volume (1,000 USD), you can receive an additional 500 USDT for each of them. How to participate? Go to the Bybit website, click on “participate”, log in and share your referral link. Only users who join Bybit through this link, deposit for the first time and use the platform in English will be counted.

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Don’t miss Bybit’s new referral program!

Bybit has an event that will also catch your attention, and it is related to their referral program. This event ends on September 30, which means you still have time to participate and earn bonuses.

With their referral program, you and your acquaintances can earn an unlimited number of reward cards by trading. This includes a 500 USD bonus. How does it work exactly? You and your qualified referrals will receive 20 USD, plus surprise reward cards.

There are two ways to earn these cards. The first is, for every three referrals that join Bybit, you will get a reward card. The second is for every 10,000 USD increase in the trading volume of your referrals, or 25,000 USD in the case of spot trading.

This is a win-win promotion for you and your referrals.two. Qualified referrals can earn up to 50 reward cards, although this number will increase if they, in turn, invite other friends to join Bybit. But for you, the number of cards is unlimited, so you can invite as many people as you want.

If you want to know more promotions of this exchange, visit Bybit’s website. Also, follow them on their social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube.

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