Will Twitter popularize BTC? | BitHub.pl
Will Twitter popularize BTC? | BitHub.pl Will Twitter popularize BTC? | BitHub.pl

Although Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hasn’t created any cryptocurrency or run an exchange, he has been considered one of the key people in the industry for years.

One of his recent Twitter posts may be contributing to a huge surge of interest in bitcoin from people who have not previously used cryptocurrencies.

BTC wallet linked to Twitter account

Every now and then, the entrepreneur posts messages reaffirming his belief in BTC and questioning the point of using other cryptocurrencies. Recently, even Jack Dorsey spoke out on the topic of crypto taxes and we have to admit that it was one of the most sensible statements.

Now, however, the CEO of Twitter has responded to a post by one of its users in a way that can be considered a harbinger of huge changes. After internet user Brandon Jacoby(@JacobyBrandon) suggested that every account on Twitter should have a wallet to store NFTs:

“Every account on Twitter should have a wallet address for storing NFTs.”

Jack Dorsey acknowledged the possibility of a feature whereby all accounts on Twitter could be linked to a Lighting Network wallet.

“Every account on Twitter being able to link to a Lightning wallet however.

When the linking of Twitter to BTC will happen

This isn’t an official announcement, of course, so it’s possible that Twitter won’t see such an option anytime soon. On the other hand, some time ago Dorsey posted news in which he shared his thoughts on what an ideal bitcoin wallet should look like(Will Square release a hardware wallet?), and just a few weeks later it turned out that his other company (Square) is indeed starting work on such a device(Jesse Dorogusker confirms Square hardware wallet).

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So there’s a good chance that things will be similar this time around, especially since back in late July Jack Dorsey identified BTC as one of the key things for the future of the popular service(Does Twitter Need BTC?).

Being able to send BTC on Twitter would definitely simplify the whole process and make it easier for new users to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.