"Who Said What?" - New Edition with Carole Laizet

“Qui a dit quoi?” is a series of articles launched by Coin24 with the aim of interviewing French-speaking players in the world of crypto-currency and blockchain to enlighten you on concepts or present solutions or products related to this industry full of future.

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Who is Carole Laizet?

"Who Said What?" - New Edition with Carole Laizet

Carole worked for 15 years in investment banking, mainly at Société Générale in Paris, and held various roles ranging from sales/marketing of structured products to regulatory project management. She holds a master in Asset Management from Paris-Dauphine. She joined Trakx 18 months ago to handle marketing. She also worked with Lionel Rebibo, CEO of Trakx, on the registration of the company with the AMF.

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The Trakx trading platform allows you to invest in crypto-currencies via thematic indices (DeFi, NFT, etc.). Why get exposure to the crypto-currency market via such indices?

Trakx is a company that develops indices on digital assets, mainly for institutional investors and professional traders, with the aim of offering them an asset that avoids the process of selecting individual tokens.

These thematic baskets therefore allow for easier and faster – and in some ways less risky – exposure to a popular crypto theme, allowing for better diversification.

Many investors and journalists tend to focus their attention on Bitcoin, the pioneer of crypto-currencies. Even today, Bitcoin still dominates the exchanges quite a bit. But over time, Bitcoin is losing ground.

Many crypto projects have sprung up, far beyond crypto-currencies, and there are now over 11,000 digital assets that span crypto-currencies and more.

These projects each carry with them a new worldview, which may one day become a new standard (or not) such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) or Proof of Stake (PoS) protocols.

Investing in a thematic index allows you to bet on a type of disruption without being too dependent on the vagaries of a specific project. All our indices are rebalanced every month to take into account the latest trends on a given theme.

Is using crypto-currency indices the best method to benefit from a well-diversified crypto-portfolio?

As Carole points out, index management is, on the one hand, the best way to get the most out of your crypto portfolio.n general, the most efficient and least expensive way to gain exposure to a theme while remaining diversified. Indeed, with active management, an investor not only has to have convictions on each position, but also pays for any portfolio adjustment,” says Carole. Investing in an index therefore makes it possible to follow the average market trend (without additional round trips).

The Trakx platform has just obtained PSAN approval. What does this mean for your clients?

Since its launch last year, Trakx has always demonstrated a strong desire to be regulated by a leading authority. We have been keen to put in place rigorous procedures that secure clients’ assets and ensure the sustainability of the model. Trakx is proud to be among the first to obtain PSAN registration with the AMF.

As Carole explains to me, investors are reassured that they are operating through a trusted provider regulated by a globally recognized regulatory authority (Autorité des Marchés Financiers or AMF). This is especially true for financial institutions – Trakx’s preferred clientele – who consider AMF registration mandatory in order to trade a full mandate of crypto-assets safely.

To date, Trakx is the only PSAN to be registered for all 4 services (operating a digital asset trading platform; custody of digital assets; buying and selling digital assets in legal tender; and exchanging digital assets for other digital assets), allowing simplified access to digital assets for all institutional investors, even those who are not yet familiar with cryptos.

Who said what? With Carole Laizet – The final word

In closing, I ask Carole if she considers the lack of regulation of crypto-currency exchange platforms to be a hindrance to the adoption of crypto-currencies around the world. For her, the lack of regulation largely penalizes the sector.

The emergence of scandals weakens the credibility and development of all crypto-assets. The regulation allows to filter the serious platforms, condemning in passing all those who do not adopt the necessary compliance rules. Eventually, regulation will allow for mass adoption of digital assets.

Thanks to Carole Laizet for talking about the relevance of thematic indices for investing in crypto-currencies, as well as the importance of regulation!