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Who is Charles Jacob?"Who said what?"

Charles JACOB is an investor and entrepreneur. He is also Chairman and CEO at ALTI TRADING, the French leader in state-recognized online training on the stock market, trading and crypto-currencies. Since 2016, this training center has supported over 125,000 people by offering members a comprehensive, educational and high-performance digital learning ecosystem to enable them to triumph in the financial markets.

Do you think the lack of technical knowledge among potential crypto-investors is a real hindrance to the adoption of crypto-currencies in France?

To invest well in crypto-currencies, it is necessary to educate and inform oneself before entering this market, which, even though it has been present for several years now, is totally different from the traditional system. Today, many new investors are hesitant to get into crypto-currencies due to fear of volatility, but also due to lack of knowledge about this technical and technological sector.

Education is a major factor in successful crypto-currency investing. While this type of investment is largely within the reach of everyone, it is on the other hand necessary to learn the overall functioning of the market to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Charles stresses the importance of not relying solely on media content offered by influencers or the press. It is essential to educate yourself, to learn about the projects you are working on, as well as the exchange platforms through which you can get tokens. All this represents for the CEO of ALTI TRADING the only key to the final adoption of crypto-currencies in France.

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You offer a Crypto Pro training course. When did you create it?

At ALTI TRADING our mission is clear: to enable the creation of income through financial markets, as serenely as possible.

Investing in the “traditional” financial markets (trading / stock market) is already worked on via our investment strategies and the tools made available to our members in our programs TRADER RENTABLE and INVESTOR PRO in particular.

Our CRYPTO PRO training was created in 2019, following numerous requests from our members whose objective is to diversify their investments.nts in virtual currencies.

Who is this training for?

Charles explains that this course, like most of the programs offered by ALTI TRADING, is aimed at beginners as well as the initiated. The most important thing for the company is to offer the simplest possible pedagogy in order to make investing in the financial markets accessible to as many people as possible.

Thus, throughout the CRYPTO PRO strategy, the members increase their skills and acquire a real knowledge to understand and invest serenely on the markets. By coupling this with a period of investment on a demo account, the learning becomes complete.

Do you offer more content to invest in crypto currencies over time or actively trade them?

While some people want to learn how to actively trade the financial markets with a (very) short term strategy like day trading and scalping, others are really looking to support the digital currency ecosystem to profit from token price appreciation over time by buying the tokens.

That’s why it’s important to know what you can get out of the CRYPTO PRO training before you sign up to see if it’s going to help you achieve your goals.

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Beyond a simple training on the universe, CRYPTO PRO offers a real investment strategy on crypto-currencies, so that our members can be autonomous and develop their portfolio serenely. In addition, we provide our members with tools to help them take positions on the markets, a community of mutual aid between our members and support sessions (group or individual coaching depending on the needs of each).

I then ask Charles which trading strategy he thinks is the most relevant to profit from the crypto-currency market.

It is impossible for us to say that one investment strategy is better than another. Above all, it has to match both the skills of the investor, but also his personality and especially the goal he has defined beforehand. Is it to create a recurring monthly income or to build up a medium-long term portfolio?

Nevertheless, I would like to add that as for “traditional” trading, keeping a logbook and implementing strict money management are the key to successful investments.

Which platform do you recommend for investing in crypto-currencies?

As Charles reminds us, the choice of platform to trade or invest in any market is a key element of success and should be based on the investor’s profile. This is even more true in the crypto-currency platform market, which unfortunately has many scams and is sometimes subject to hacks. Of the multitude of platforms that exist to trade crypto-currencies, the most well-known are Binance and Coinbase.

Coinbase appeals to new investors because of its ease of use.in. The platform also offers to give away cryptos, if one follows the initial educational curriculum, as bonuses.

Binance is also a very feasible option, as the platform caters to potentially more seasoned investors.

More broadly, the choice of trading platform should be based on transaction costs, reliability and the liquidity available on the platform. Above all, training is essential to ensure that you are not helpless in front of the charts and that you receive quality support.

Do some tokens attract more attention from your clients than others?

As with many neo-investors, Bitcoin or the “media” crypto-currencies are the most sought after lately likeEthereum and Dogecoin.

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Who said what? With Charles Jacob – The final word

In closing, I ask Charles if he considers that everyone should hold crypto-currencies in their portfolio.

Investing in general, should be thought of as a real strategy with a long-term vision. For this, diversification is one of the pillars to remember when building wealth.

Holding crypto-currencies can indeed be very interesting, as long as you know how to trade them, secure them, and what projects are carried behind the crypto-currencies held in portfolio.

Thanks to Charles Jacob for introducing us to ALTI TRADING’s CRYPTO PRO training!