Where to buy Terra: another ATH for LUNA as price soars

Terra (LUNA) has climbed 300% in the past 30 days, taking it into uncharted territory.

Terra (LUNA) is taking the crypto market by storm with unrelenting bullish momentum, having set a second new all-time high in as many weeks. The wedge has climbed to 12th place in the market cap rankings and could move into the top 10 after an 18.5% rise today. Its new all-time high of $34.25 was reached this morning.

To learn more about Terra, read this article and find out how and where to buy LUNA today.

Where and how to buy Terra in France and elsewhere?

Terra (LUNA) can be obtained from a huge number of crypto-currency exchanges and brokers following its rise to mainstream popularity. Open a free account with one of our two suggested partners below, then make a deposit in your local currency. Once your account wallet is loaded, you’ll be ready to make your first trades today.

Avoid unregulated platforms at all costs, as they offer very little protection to your investment.


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What is Terra?

Terra is an independent blockchain and stablecoin network that aims to create a scalable, usable, user-friendly ecosystem for dApp and DeFi for everyday, high-powered use. Co-founded by South Korean entrepreneur Do Kwon, Terra is already widely used as a payment network in Asia through its partnership with Chai, a leading app.

Terra issues a dollar-backed stablecoin, UST, which maintains its backing using an innovative mechanism whereby LUNA tokens are burned/mined against UST to maintain the market value of UST at $1. Terra has also incubated an internal DeFi protocol called Anchor, which allows users to earn interest rates close to 20% on UST deposits. These deposits can then be exchanged for “real” USD, providing a powerful alternative to the near-zero interest rates offered by most banks.s world.

Should I buy LUNA today?

LUNA is being touted as one of the best upcoming investments in the crypto space over the next few years. The project brings both next-generation technology, convenient payments, and incredibly high DeFi returns that also appear to be safe for the cryptoverse.

Unlike competing projects that promise similar functionality in the future but lack pragmatism today, Terra is extraordinarily powerful as it is and has a top-notch team of developers leading it into the future. At $33.96, Terra has just hit its new all-time high and could continue to grow.

This article is for informational purposes only – nothing in it should be construed as financial or investment advice.