Where to buy Filecoin: 20% daily earnings for FIL

Filecoin has one of the most interesting real-world applications in the crypto sector.

The price of Filecoin (FIL) soared today, reaching a 20% increase in the last 24 hours, as the crypto-currency market managed to stage a strong rally over the weekend. The decentralized file storage system has been gaining popularity over the past six months or so, and has now entered the top 20 coins with this latest price hike.

Learn more about Filecoin in this article, and discover links to the best sites to buy FIL.

Where and how to buy Filecoin in France and elsewhere?

You can buy Filecoin on many of the most reputable and popular crypto-currency trading platforms, as well as a variety of brokers. Sign up on one of the sites we recommend below to get started, before making a deposit and preparing for your first trade.

Make sure you only use regulated platforms, as DEX and unlicensed brokers are likely to cause problems for investors.


eToro is one of the leading trading platforms when it comes to investing in crypto assets. Packed with features including copy trading, advanced technical charts and a wide range of trading tools, eToro’s platform is ideal for beginners and pros alike.

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Pepperstone was founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia by a team of experienced traders with a common commitment to improving the world of online trading. Frustrated by delayed executions, expensive pricing and poor customer support, they set out to provide traders around the world with superior technology, low cost spreads and a genuine commitment to help master trading. Their mission is to create a tech-savvy trading world, where ambitious traders can embrace the challenge and opportunity of global markets.

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What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized file hosting system that aims to disrupt the dominant cloud storage model by moving storage away from large centralized servers and towards a blockchain-oriented peer-to-peer system. Major file hosts such as Amazon Web Services and Google have given rise to a highly centralized global storage network.

Single points of failure and censorship issues are among a host of problems with this system, and Filecoin hopes to address them. The system works esseIn this way, storage is resilient and not vulnerable to point-in-time attacks as is the case with centralized systems. In this way, the storage is resilient and not vulnerable to point-in-time attacks as is the case with centralized systems. If a node fails, the data is not necessarily lost.

Should I buy FIL today?

Filecoin certainly has potential as a project with a demonstrable use case and has already started to attract users. Investors have undoubtedly been attracted by this real-world track record, which stands in stark contrast to many of the more speculative projects in the crypto-currency sector.

FIL is currently priced around $114 and appears to be building a strong bullish campaign in an effort to recapture April’s all-time high of $237.24. However, if investors believe in Filecoin’s utility, they are likely planning for a much higher target after the completion of price discovery.