Where to buy BinaryX: BNX price triples, smashing its previous ATH

BinaryX’s price has broken through the ceiling, setting a new all-time high more than 5 times its last high of the year.

Decentralized binary options platform BinaryX (BNX) has suddenly gained popularity, leading to a dramatic breakout on its price chart. BNX rose to $43.54 after a 200% increase today, up from under $8 just a few days ago. This new all-time high may make BNX the hottest token of the moment, and its price rise is certainly turning heads.

Read on to find out the best site to buy BNX, as well as more information about BinaryX.

Where and how to buy BinaryX in the UK and elsewhere?

Sign up today with a regulated and reputable crypto-currency broker or exchange platform to buy BinaryX for the first time. Choose one of our shortlisted partners below to get started, before making a deposit using your preferred payment method. Once the funds are in your account, you can start investing in a range of the best corners in the market.

Avoid unlicensed brokers and DEX, as the lack of regulation on these platforms can put you at risk.


eToro is one of the leading trading platforms when it comes to investing in crypto assets. Packed with features including copy trading, advanced technical charts and a wide range of trading tools, eToro’s platform is ideal for beginners and pros alike.

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Pepperstone was founded in 2010 in Melbourne, Australia by a team of experienced traders with a common commitment to improving the world of online trading. Frustrated by delayed executions, expensive pricing and poor customer support, they set out to provide traders around the world with superior technology, low cost spreads and a genuine commitment to help master trading. Their mission is to create a tech-savvy trading world, where ambitious traders can embrace the challenge and opportunity of global markets.

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What is BinaryX?

BinaryX is a binary options platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. But what is a binary option? In a nutshell, a binary option allows an investor to speculate on whether the price of an asset (for example, Bitcoin) will rise or fall on a given date. BinaryX takes them to the blockchain, which automates the process and makes the funds safer. The decentralized finance movement has now brought binary options to the blockchain.hain, as well as many traditional centralized finance functions.

Should I buy BNX today?

At around $42, BNX is at a new all-time high. This will likely influence investors in two ways: some will be cautious, anticipating a decline in the token’s value, and some savvy traders will identify the undeniable potential of BinaryX, especially in light of the success of other DeFi projects.

The new high is likely evidence of a breakout and the rise of BNX in the public consciousness, in which case its price has the potential to go much higher than it already is.

This article is for informational purposes only – nothing in it should be construed as financial or investment advice.