What many have been waiting for... Lamborghini cars at NFT!
What many have been waiting for... Lamborghini cars at NFT! By Editor DailyBitcoin

Non-fungible tokens, NFT, from luxury sports car manufacturer Lamborghini are launched on the Elysium Bridge platform.


Many members of the crypto community are fans of Lamborghini cars ,

but, to be frank: many don’t yet have the purchasing power to buy one of these high-priced sports cars.

Well, now there’s an option for them to own them as non-fungible tokens! Lamborghini’ s collection of non fungible tokens (NFT) will be launched on the new Elysium Bridge


September 25th is the launch date for a collection of non fungible tokens (NFT) with the popular Italian brand and luxury sports car manufacturer, Lamborghini. The Lamborghini NFTs will be sold on the Elysium Bridge and the pieces will represent the collection held at the Ferruccio Lamborghini

Museum in Italy.

The museum is dedicated to the life of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the creator of the company. The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum was “conceived and founded by entrepreneur Tonino Lamborghini to celebrate his father,”

the website states.



The announcement of the Elysium Bridge Lamborghini NFT collection reveals that the museum’s owners and heirs, Tonino and Ferruccio Jr, believe the NFTs displaying the “rarest pieces from their private collection

” is a historic event.

Enrico Branchetti and Patrick Jusic, the co-founders of Elysium Bridge, believe the NFTs will give insight into the Lamborghini family’s legacy. Branchetti is a telecommunications entrepreneur and another founding partner, Filippo Sgarbi, is the director of the IUM Motor Club

in Monte Carlo.

“[The Lamborghini NFT event] will be a true journey of discovery of the unique pieces present at the auction, where the background and historical details were never made public and until now were only known to the Lamborghini family itself,” Branchetti said in a statement shared by Bitcoin


Lamborghini’s NFTs have been designed by six well-known artists, including Emanuele Dascanio and Giovanni Motta. The website dedicated to the upcoming Lambo NFTs features a video preview of the event

that will take place on September 25. In terms of other participating artists, the Elysium Bridge team says that “other names [will] be announced soon.”

NFT car

Remember Bitcoin.com that Lamborghini

joins a number of well-known car brands and racing teams that are entering the NFT ecosystem. Recently, DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) launched NFT, and supercar collector Mario Bauer tokenized his Lamborghini Aventador LP720/ 4 50th anniversary edition. Porsche jumped into the non-fungible token industry, popular Formula 1 team McLaren entered the NFT game and the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race also launched NFT.

As DiarioBitcoin has told, crypto people are big fans of Lamborghinis and many powerful bitcoiners own one. But in a survey we did this year many would rather own Bitcointhan that car.

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