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What is Loot? | BitHub.pl What is Loot? | BitHub.pl

Loot is an NFT project which, although it premiered only a week ago, has managed to make a real splash among the non-exchangeable token community. DappRadar explains what Loot is and why the series has inspired so many derivative projects in literally days?

What is Loot?

Loot for Adventurers is an NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain that launched on August 27. The word “loot” itself means “loot” in English. The official Loot website reads that each token is a set of “random adventurer gear, generated and stored on-chain

“. Importantly, all graphics, stats and power indicators have been deliberately omitted. The main goal – to give collectors the ability to interpret their NFT in any way they want. Here is a sample “loot bag” (Loot Bag): loot bagLoot Bag #1234; source: link

Each NFT Loot represents a specific set of items. There were 8000 tokens available in the primary sale. At the time of this writing, 7779 tokens in this series are listed on OpenSea. Each token has a number that allows collectors to identify their NFT. Each individual token consists of 8 elements, each of which refers to the following areas/equipment of a potential character: chest, foot, hand, head, neck, ring, waist, and weapon. As we said earlier, specific pieces of equipment are devoid of any attributes, the matter of interpreting the degree of potential usefulness of both the individual pieces and the sets that make them up is entirely up to the community.

The creator of Loot is Dom Hofmann

, entrepreneur and creator of the now-defunct video platform Vine. He

personally announced

the birth of the new project on August 27:

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