Watch the advertising video made by the government of El Salvador to promote Bitcoin
Watch the advertising video made by the government of El Salvador to promote Bitcoin By DiarioBitcoin Editor

The government of El Salvador is the first in the world to make a Bitcoinadvertising commercial .


Definitely the government of El Salvador has been revolutionary when it comes to crypto adoption. First, because it was the pioneer in the world to create a Bitcoin Law that makes the main cryptocurrency legal tender in the country. Then, because it announced its own government wallet, called Chivo, and also because also the president himself, and great promoter of the idea, Nayib Bukele, has tried in many ways to explain the importance of the use of this crypto

to a population that, in fairly general lines, is reluctant to this change.

Now, a week before Bitcoin becomes legal currency (it starts on September 7), the government launched a promotional video, like an animated TV commercial, which can be seen on the government’s own Youtube account, where it gives some explanations and clarifications about the use of Bitcoin

in the Central American country.

The video makes it clear that since September Bitcoin will be legal tender in El Salvador, along with the US dollar. However, it stresses again that “the use of Bitcoin will not be mandatory. You will have the option to pay and charge with Bitcoin

or with USD. Cash transactions, prices and salaries will still be paid in USD.”

He adds that citizens will be able to freely use the government’s wallet app for free to make transactions in both USD and <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noope

ner”>bitcoin, “at any time and without commission”. Remember that, in addition, the person can use any other wallet for their transactions. “With our wallet (referring to Chivo, the government wallet) you will receive a bonus in Bitcoin equivalent to USD $30 for your consumption”.

He also tells customers of establishments that they will be able to have the option to pay with dollars or Bitcoin from their cell phone “without having to handle money or sign vouchers.” The same goes for those who charge, he says, who will also not have to touch money or cards “and will not have to pay commissions for the transaction” .

Of course, he also refers to those who receive or send remittances. He says they will be able to do so “at any time, without commissions” .

He concludes, “Using Bitcoin is easy and optional. Government of El Salvador “

Watch the commercial below:

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Puntos Chivo

Also, President Bukele, on Twitter, reported that 50 Chivo points are being built, where there will be officials who will advise people regarding the use of the wallet.

Sources: Government of El Salvador and Finbold


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