Vogue Singapore launches magazine covers as NFTs via OpenSea

Vogue Singapore launches its first NFTs

On its Twitter account, the fashion and beauty company announced the launch of its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via the OpenSea platform.

Vogue Singapore was inspired by the ” fresh start ” theme resulting from its September magazines to create the NFTs.

The NFTs, which were created in collaboration with digital artists, include two exclusive covers in the form of NFTs and eight artworks related to fashion, art and beauty.

“NFTs, as collectors’ items and art, are simply perfect. They represent the future of rare collectibles and art conservation, which means it’s inevitable that fashion will have a strong hold on the NFTs market,” said Alexander Bercow, Partner Success Lead at OpenSea

The collection will be available from 13:00 UTC this Wednesday, November 10 until November 13 at 1:00 UTC. This is your chance to own one of these unique covers, such as ” The RenaiXance Rising ” by The Fabricant x Shavonne Wong and ” Triumphant Awakening ” by Chad Knight x Baëlf Design.

The Fabricant co-founder Amber Slooten, who is collaborating with Vogue Singapore on the project, adds:

“We are living in a new technological era that will radically transform our lives by moving our existence into the virtual worlds of the metaverse. It is an era that The Fabricant has dubbed The RenaiXance, as it is an era of radical social change that will create new economies and transform power structures, while allowing us to express our identity like never before.”

As a result, NFTs are becoming a significant new medium for fashion magazines.

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Moreover, digital art is a sector that offers many opportunities, where imagination has no limits, especially for designers and artists.

Photo credit: Vogue Singapore via its website

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Vogue Singapore launches magazine covers as NFTs via OpenSea

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