Visa launches non-fungible token (NFT) education program

Visa wants to educate creators about NFTs

As announced in a statement from the firm, Visa sees NFTs as among the most promising ways to support creators:

We believe that New emerging technologies in the crypto ecosystem.NFTs, like non-fungible tokens, have the potential to lower the barriers of entry for creators around the world.

That’s why Visa chose to build this program for creators in partnership with Micah Johnson. The latter made his name as a baseball professional, then switched to art in recent years. He offered his first NFT for sale in 2020.

According to Johnson, his works based on the Aku character have found an audience in part because of this new way of distributing art:

With the guidance of crypto-community elders, I’ve been able to build a business around my crypto-native character, Aku, that can grow into a global media company.

Visa and Micah Johnson will therefore select a group of creators, whom they will coach on how to take on this new way of monetizing their work. Interested parties are invited to send in their applications, in order to try to be selected for the program.

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Visa, a blockchain-friendly company

In any case, this is not the first time Visa has shown interest in NFTs. In August, the payment giant created the event by acquiring a Cryptopunk for $150,000. Al Kelly, the CEO of Visa, has moreover not hidden his interest in the field of cryptocurrencies in general: he had confirmed in May 2021 the global strategy of the company concerning them.

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All this shows more than ever that the NFT sector continues to attract the interest of giants, and that it seems to be here to stay…

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Visa launches non-fungible token (NFT) education program

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