Venezuelan authorities remove electricity from registered Carabobo Bitcoin miners
Venezuelan authorities remove electricity from registered Carabobo Bitcoin miners By Editor DiarioBitcoin

The curious thing about the case is that the electricity supply was cut off to miners authorized by the government itself.


The regional authorities of Carabobo state, in north-central Venezuela, suspended the electricity supply of all registered miners, effectively shutting down their operations in the industrial sector. Several national and international media reported the news. All indicate that there have been no official explanations for this measure. However, some people with knowledge of the matter stated to some media that the action was taken due to the enormous energy consumption of these operations in the area and the holding of the elections of the government party.

Some media, such as Cointelegraph and Criptonoticias, indicated that they have been in contact with people affected by these measures, and that they were told that the national electricity corporation and the Venezuelan cryptocurrency watchdog, Sunacrip,

plan to meet to evaluate the situation and try to find a solution for the miners to continue operating in the midst of the energy crisis that the state is going through.

It is worth noting that Carabobo is home to an important part of the cryptocurrency and bitcoin

mining companies operating in the country, and this measure affects the sustainability of their operations.

Miners with a permit but no light

In the past, in that state many miners found themselves in serious trouble with the authorities for illegal mining. In general, they were found to have high electricity consumption – even higher than other companies in the industrial zone. In fact, in June of this year, the authorities seized 411 unregistered Bitcoin mining devices, many of which were being moved from the state of Táchira – bordering Colombia – to Carabobo. Before that, in January 2021, a man was also arrested in Carabobo for Bitcoin mining not authorized by the government

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But this time the problem is different, since all the affected miners were registered with Sunacrip, as stipulated in the decree that regulates mining activities in the country

. This document indicates that miners in the country must obtain a license issued by the agency and must detail their activities, which those affected said they are complying with.

Electricity for


Some media reports suggest that the suspension may have been related to the fact that over the weekend the primary elections of the governing party, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), were held to choose the ruling party’s candidates for the upcoming November elections. The fear that, in a country with so many electrical problems, where the power goes out all the time, because of the miners, an unstable situation in the electrical grid would occur at the same time as the election could be the reason why the power was taken away. However, sources explain that the measure should have been suspended after the election process, if so. But they are still without electicity.

As says, industry insiders have decided not to issue any compromising comments on the move until they can meet with the authorities responsible for taking these measures this week.

Cointelegraph added that the affected miners (who chose to remain anonymous) have pointed out that the order for this disconnection comes directly from the “upper echelons” of the Ministry of Popular Power for Electric Energy,commanded by General-in-Chief Nestor Reverol.

Sources:, Cointelegraph, Finbold


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