Venezuela: Kidnappers kill shopkeeper in Zulia with six shots after not receiving ransom demanded in Bitcoin
Venezuela: Kidnappers kill shopkeeper in Zulia with six shots after not receiving ransom demanded in Bitcoin By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThe

victim’s family was unable to collect the amount requested by the criminals. Friends and acquaintances are asking for the cooperation of the authorities to find those responsible.

A gang of kidnappers murdered a businessman on August 11 in the Simón Bolívar municipality of Zulia state, this after not receiving the corresponding payment of the ransom requested in Bitcoin

. According

to a report by El Pitazo,


victim was a 39-year-old man named Gustavo Torres Gonzáles, who was the owner of a company that provided wireless Internet services. The victim was reportedly abducted on Aug. 10 as he was arriving home.

According to sources with knowledge of the case, the kidnappers asked the family members to pay an unknown amount of money in Bitcoin

(BTC). However, they failed to meet the demanded goal and offered the criminals what they had managed to collect by that time.

Family members said that after making the counterproposal they ended up losing contact with the kidnappers, and in the early hours of August 11, Torres’ body was found in the Rafael Urdaneta parish of the Simón Bolívar municipality, where he was murdered with six shots.

Friends and relatives of Torres are asking the country’s authorities for justice and the capture of those responsible. The investigation is currently being carried out by the Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistic Investigations Corps (CICPC)

, and the intervention of the Attorney General, Tarek Willian Saab, is requested to support the judicial work.

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a valuable asset in high demand

An interesting aspect of the unfortunate events is that the kidnappers asked the victim’s relatives to pay the ransom in Bitcoin

, a digital currency that is very popular in the country as it works as a good mechanism to store value, especially in the midst of the hyperinflationary problems that Venezuela is facing due to economic and political aspects.

Several research agencies and lawmakers in different countries point out that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular in the country, especially in the midst of the hyperinflationary problems Venezuela is facing due to economic and political aspects.

Most used by criminals to perpetrate criminal acts, mainly linked to hacks and data theft from lucrative targets.

However, reports and research also reveal that the use of Blockchain is actually impractical for criminals. Bitcoin is actually impractical for criminals, given that with all transaction data hosted on Blockchain, it is possible for authorities to track funds and thus track those involved.

Venezuela and cryptocurrencies

Meanwhile, analysts and enthusiasts highlight that in Venezuela cryptocurrencies are registering increasing adoption, especially among residents seeking mechanisms to protect their purchasing power.

However, there is still some ambivalence among government authorities regarding activities associated with cryptocurrencies, especially mining in light of certain facts. Recently in the state of Carabobo, security agencies suspended the electricity supply to miners registered with the respective agency, thereby shutting down their operations in the industrial sector.

Other people have also denounced that local authorities illegally seize their mining devices, claiming that the persons responsible for such actions were not duly registered with the governmental registry for these operations.

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Source: El Pitazo

Version by Angel Di Matteo / DiarioBitcoin

Image by Unsplash