Venezuela has its first Bitcoin-themed cafe: interview with its founder

Last Wednesday, August 18, the Bitcoin Café Venezuela opened in Caracas, the first technology-themed café in the country focused on the main cryptocurrency. To learn more about this initiative, CriptoNoticias spoke with the CEO of the establishment, Carmen Salvador, who is also CEO of FinTech 4.0, a company dedicated to technology consulting and training.

The executive highlights that Bitcoin Café was born from the hand of educational and outreach activities organized by Fintech 4.0. It is conceived as a place for leisure, but also wants to be identified as a meeting and discussion point around technological innovation, says Salvador.

How did the idea of a café associated with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies come about?

-At Fintech 4.0, which started operations in August 2018, we already have three years dedicated to technological consulting and training in the area of financial technology. We have participated in several initiatives in conjunction with the Venezuelan Fintech Association and, since a year ago, we conceived the project of a space for the meeting of the community interested in financial technology and cryptocurrencies.

The project of a café identified with financial technologies and specifically with bitcoin

and cryptocurrencies started in September 2020, due to the demand for the outreach activities that Fintech 4.0 had been carrying out, in addition to the academic activity they carry out, says Salvador. Venezuela has its first Bitcoin-themed cafe: interview with its founder Venezuela has its first Bitcoin-themed cafe: interview with its founder An aspect of the face-to-face classes on financial technology and cryptocurrencies. Source: Fintech 4.0.

The executive explains that they dictate a diploma in Trading, Investments and Digital Economy that has been taught to 6 cohorts and they are starting the seventh one. This specialization program is endorsed by the Avepane University Institute. “We also organize technological talks to introduce the topics of financial technology and cryptocurrencies to interested people,” says the executive.

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“We have a little more than a week in operation and we have had a good receptivity from our partners in the fintech area,” says the specialist. She adds that they will continue to schedule outreach events to further promote the space and invite other companies to present their projects in the financial technology area. The Bitcoin Café is located

in the area of eastern Caracas known as Los Dos Caminos.

The usability of bitcoin is key to its adoption

When asked how to combat the widespread perception that bitcoin

and cryptocurrencies are a complicated subject, or that they are difficult to operate, the specialist and teacher argues that it is necessary to disseminate the usability of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin, and especially its attributes as a store of value.

“This year we started with information sessions on cryptocurrencies, which we call Crypto-luncheons, designed for 10 people. In the first call, 42 people signed up, so we had to schedule four days,” explains the specialist.

Venezuela has its first Bitcoin-themed cafe: interview with its founder Venezuela has its first Bitcoin-themed cafe: interview with its founder The dissemination of bitcoin is the main objective of Bitcoin Café Venezuela, says its CEO.
Credit: Bitcoin Café Venezuela.

In addition to the introductory concepts about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Salvador explains, there were demonstrations of bitcoin trading through the Binance


The concept of being able to safeguard the value of fiat money, using bitcoin, is very important in an inflationary economy like the Venezuelan one. The possibility of having access to a bitcoin wallet and acquiring their first satoshis was one of the most appreciated skills by the participants in these days about cryptocurrencies.

Carmen Salvador, CEO of Bitcoin Café Venezuela.

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Both in the Bitcoin Café and in the training activities, which are paid, except for specific free talks, Fintech 4.0 receives payments in bitcoin. In this regard, its CEO said they are in talks with the company CriptoBuyer for the use of its payment gateway with bitcoin, which would facilitate the use of this payment method for customers.

As part of its short-term plans, Fintech 4.0 is considering the installation of a Bitcoin node and a cryptocurrency ATM to facilitate the purchase and sale of these to users and visitors.