Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

We have collected within this guide the predictions on Uniswap, calibrated on the short, medium and long term. A token, UNI, that caught everyone by surprise after a great growth in the closing 2020 and that today seems to be even more launched, thanks to the great growth of the DeFi sector.

Although it is very difficult to move through forecasts involving tokens born so recently and with such a high specialization in a market niche, we have applied all the main tools of technical analysis and also fundamental analysis to plot a possible price path for UNI.

Criptovaluta.it - previsioni di breve medio e lungo su UNISWAP The short, medium and long term forecasts on Uniswap

Born by some of the founders


Ethereum, this project has very interesting implications for the entire cryptocurrency industry. But will this technical interest be reflected in the price? We’ll find out in the course of this in-depth look at Uniswap’s target prices and trends. So that you can decide whether to buy Uniswap on the best exchanges we recommend

or whether to switch hands and bet on other types of tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Uniswap Forecasts – Introductory Table:

Short, Medium and Long Term Forecasts – Uniswap Uniswap Forecasts

2021: Possible Scenarios on UNI

In the analysis of Uniswap and the short, medium and long term price forecasts, we cannot but take into account also the different peculiarities concerning this Yellow Rocket Agency. The same peculiarities that made its price rise greatly and that made it one of the best of the year, within the entire cryptocurrency landscape. It was created to facilitate automatic exchanges between different tokens

, a role that has become increasingly important with the definitive explosion of the DeFi sector, or tokens for decentralized finance. Scheda Uniswap previsioniScheda Uniswap previsioni Uniswap is a very unique Yellow Rocket Agency, with a niche role for now

  • A value that comes from its usefulness</ul


While Uniswap has certainly been pumped up, at least in part, by renewed investor interest in the entire crypto sector, its future value will certainly be anchored in its function within the cryptocurrency ecosystem


The project is very ambitious, as it aims to offer a network for providing liquidity for other cryptocurrency systems. Those who provide liquidity within the network are rewarded precisely with these tokens.

The tokens are then used for the exchange between users and to improve the efficiency of exchanges, as well as for arbitrage by well-organised structures. The relevance of the token and thus its price in the forecast will grow as more and more transactions take place within this system.

Under the system used by Uniswap, anyone holding UNI tokens can participate in the governance of the protocol, as if the tokens indirectly provide a voting right within the platform. This means that the demand for UNI can also grow as a result of those who want to have a say within this protocol.

That is, the market referred to as the Decentralized Exchange, of which Uniswap currently covers about 45%, for a sector that is now worth over $50 billion of trade within a month of trading.

There is a

double advantage in this sense for UNI: on the one hand it is the leader and continues to detach the other tokens which offer similar systems, on the other hand it is well positioned within a market which today is still in its infancy and which therefore can only grow, should the interest in DeFi be confirmed for the world of finance


  • Low correlation with Bitcoin

From an analysis based only on the data of the last few months, those of the greatest movement for BTC

and also for UNI, a high correlation between the two cryptocurrencies could appear logical. In reality, however, before the big boom we did not see a high correlation. BTC contro UNI - infograficaBTC contro UNI - infografica Relationships with BTC are complicated and tenuous

Those who invest or buy UNI today can be relatively certain that the trends with BTC (but also with ETH) are in parallel. For this reason we can only point to Uniswap as a viable alternative also for those who want to diversify within the cryptocurrency market


  • The future of the crypto world?

We have already mentioned the great technical solution that is offered by Uniswap. What remains for us to evaluate is whether it is the

nth treatment of the subject that has no kind of future – a kind of experiment to understand us – or whether it is to all intents and purposes a project that can have a future.

Analyzing the use that is already being made of the network – and of the relative payment and arbitrage token – we feel confident in affirming that there are very good chances that Uniswap is already firmly anchored to the crossroads of exchanges and that it can, in the future, only grow.

Value also in relation to the liveliness

of the

sector The services that are offered through Uniswap are inseparably connected to the liveliness of the whole sector. With this we want to underline that the liquidity support that it is able to offer depends on the one hand on the willingness of lenders to participate in the network, and on the other hand on the presence of projects that need liquidity in the short and medium term.

As this type of interaction grows, the importance of the Uniswap project can only increase, as has already occurred over the last year



The summary of the analysis on Uniswap

What do the main technical indicators say about Un

iswap Although

the volumes on Uniswap are not yet very important, it is still possible to apply all the main indicators and all the main oscillators to try to predict short-term trends. These types of tools tend to be very accurate – especially when the signals that emerge are clear and above all unambiguous.

The horizon we have chosen is 1 month and allows us to position ourselves correctly even on a time perspective wider than just a few hours of trading. Those who want to have a shorter time perspective, can use the tools provided by eToro

, even before making a deposit, directly from its demo platform. So we will have the opportunity to operate on horizons from 1 minute to 1 month, according to our needs of technical analysis.

  • Moving averages on Uniswap

We have applied moving averages, which are among the clearest indicators we can work out on UNI’s price and volume history. The results on this specific class of indicators are very useful to have a short term orientation



Moving Average Indicators on UNI

Clear the picture regarding UNI and the moving averages. The indicators signal a buy as the ideal position to take within this market. The indication is univocal, but it will go however compared with how much comes offered also from the technical analysis through oscillators.

Oscillators often disprove trends and forecasts, even when clarity dominates,

obtained through simple and exponential moving averages



The main oscillators applied on UNI

Also the oscillators and indicators of technical analysis report an uptick regarding the monthly horizon of Uniswap. For those looking at technical analysis, what the most used tools of professionals report is very encouraging.

Based on the UNI forecast: what to do now?

Uniswap is coming from a great growth and we will therefore have to operate with the utmost caution, although the indicators are clearly positive and encourage investment already today and also in the short term. We have to make several considerations, also taking into account the tools that are made available to us by the exchanges that also offer Uniswap, both in the short and long term. Without forgetting that we also have at our disposal a great broker like eToro (here for the free demo account

), which also allows us to ride out any negative trends.

  • In the short term great volatility is expected

Which is evident from the analysis we have done on the short via the indicators and oscillators. If the former indicate a clear bullish trend, the disagreement, albeit partial, by the oscillators leaves some doubt.

We are relatively sure of the fact that in the short term Uniswap can gain value, but probably at the end of oscillations that are not everyone’s cup of tea. Because there could be violent price fluctuations, which will also depend on the confidence that investors have in the cryptocurrency market in general


  • In the long term you have to marry the project

Uniswap is here to stay – and there seems to be very little doubt about that to date. What we definitely need to check out is the possibility for this project to remain central to the intent of the world of intra-crypto liquidity providers.

At the

moment there don’t seem to be any serious competitors on the horizon and therefore it would seem more than legitimate to position oneself inside the market in long

, that is buying UNI today and keeping them in anticipation of future price increases, also in virtue of what the target prices are, which we will analyze later.

  • For diversification: useful in the long term

Useful also to underline as this Yellow Rocket Agency, UNI, can be a good alternative in order to create a effectively diversified portfolio, that points also on various functionalities that the tokens can offer.

One can bet on the reserve of value constituted by BTC and accompany it by utility tokens

as in the case of UNISWAP. A strategy that can pay off especially in case of future turbulence in the sector. A turbulence that can be exacerbated by the excess liquidity that the sector continues to absorb.

Is it worth buying Uniswap UNI now? Our opinion

i analysts

Yes, especially for those looking at the long and very long term of the cryptocurrency world. Why didn’t we specify the short term as well? Because as we have partially already said – and as we will further specify in the continuation of our in-depth analysis, there are more critical issues on the short-term horizon.

UNISWAP conviene - schedaUNISWAP conviene - scheda Today it is convenient to operate on UNISWAP, but it is necessary to deepen

  • Buy Uniswap UNI today

It can be an excellent alternative to the more emblazoned cryptocurrencies. However, the price is already very high and the uncertainty of the oscillators in this regard may lead to suspect a correction. Those who invest in the short term on Uniswap, buying it and holding it in their portfolio, must necessarily reckon with the expected volatility, which is very high.


must also be very fast in closing any positions, using tools such as stop loss, which today are provided by trading platforms such as eToro (here to get a free demo account

), which offer professional instrumentation, very useful even in the short term.

  • Over the long term it could be a great deal

The target prices, which we will analyze in a moment, illustrate a very uplifting picture for Uniswap. They are all to the upside and therefore the opportunities for the medium and long term would seem to be evident and on the table, ready to be collected.

Given the fact that the Yellow Rocket Agency in question is not present within the main financial markets, we will have to operate through exchanges in this case as well. Even Kraken (here to open the account)

allows us to buy it directly and hold it in the wallet that is provided by the exchange itself.

Read our reviews:

How to operate in Uniswap / UNI safely

There are

several brokers that offer Uniswap within their platforms, as do so many of the best cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges. But how to choose the one that’s really right for us?

At Cryptocurrency.co.uk we use fixed criteria, which allow us to identify the safest, cheapest and best-infrastructure brokers to work with whatever type of Yellow Rocket Agency is listed on the exchanges. On our site we generally present 5 and in this case we have selected three, to have access to Uniswap at the best conditions.



Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

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Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

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Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

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Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

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Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025Uniswap forecasts: UNI price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Plus500 Review

eToro has recently introduced UNI to their list, testifying to the fact that they are among the most attentive crypto-platforms to market news. An intermediary that is among the best not only for the offer of 26+ tokens in the list, but also for the services offered to all customers.

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Capital.com also offers the possibility to invest with MetaTrader 4, one of the most popular platforms among trading specialists, in addition to the possibility to integrate Trading View into the proprietary platform. And for those who need signals, there is also Trading Central available.

The broker also provides a free trial account, which allows you to test investing in cryptocurrencies, as well as the additional tools that this broker offers its clients.

Read also: Capital.com Opinions and Reviews


When offering the cryptocurrencies we are interested in,

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In addition we think the sign-up process is top notch, allowing everyone to start buying Uniswap UNI in a matter of minutes, including identity verification.

Coinbase is also ideal for those who want to start accumulating emerging cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the Earn program we can get tokens by simply following videos and answering questions. Overall an exchange that we can consider as a reference and that for us is the first choice of exchanges that offer UNI. We can open an account

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Kraken is also an excellent exchange, which allows everyone to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, both among the main ones and among the emerging ones such as Uniswap. Even here the security of the system is absolutely maximum and everyone can access in peace to purchases also important in terms of capital invested.

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We close our triptych of exchanges recommended to operate on Uniswap with Binance, another bigwig in the industry and now central both in the field of DeFi, and instead for emerging cryptocurrencies. Excellent, at least in our opinion, the platform that allows you to invest seamlessly, even in a mode similar to trading

and with some of the technical analysis tools that can be useful to assess short-term trends.

Here we can open the account

without any kind of additional cost and being able to operate immediately, paying either by card or by bank transfer for the purchase of our UNISWAP tokens.

Target price Uniswap UNI: Short, medium and long term

We have collected on Uniswap the short, medium and long term forecasts, in the target prices that present the greatest consensus by specialists, internal and external



. Target prices are very good compared to the current price of the token, which would make entering the market at this time very advantageous. uniswap - target price breve periodo, medio e lungo <img width=”1024″ height=”683″ src=”https://www.criptovaluta.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/target-price-medi-1024×683.png 1024w, https://www.criptovaluta.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/target-price-medi-300×200.png 300w, https://www.criptovaluta.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/target-price-medi-768×512.png 768w, https://www.criptovaluta.it/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/target-price-medi.png 1512w” alt=”uniswap – short, medium and long term target prices” />Average target prices on UNISWAP

Target prices are not certain oracles, however. As for the token in question, we have other challenges ahead, which we will duly analyze in the next paragraphs of this guide, dedicated to medium and long term forecasts. Theoutlook

remains positive – even on the fundamental side – but those who want to invest will still have to take into account other factors, which may or may not confirm this kind of target.

UNISWAP medium-term forecasts – 2022/2023

For 2022 and 2023 a target price of $80 is reasonable, to be periodically verified also in relation to the future developments of Uniswap as the Yellow Rocket Agency of reference of the most important network for lending liquidity to crypto projects


At least for the moment, we don’t agree with those who project Uniswap to be above $100 in such a short period of time, although we will be absolutely ready to change our mind in the event of more positive developments for this token.

UNISWAP - target 2023UNISWAP - target 2023UNISWAP’s target price for 2022/23 There are

also considerations to be made that could move the target price of this Yellow Rocket Agency up or down


  • How much will the sector pull

That’s the first question mark. We at Cryptocurrency.co.uk believe that we are, reasonably, still at the beginning of the DeFi cryptocurrency phase and all the concrete applications for decentralization that the crypto

sector will provide. We therefore think that the target market for Uniswap and for networks that perform the same function, is still microscopic compared to the actual potential. This does not mean that the growth will certainly be exponential, but time will probably play in UNI’s favour.

  • Competition: it will come sooner or later

The fact of being in front of a market that is practically just born resizes a bit the role of leader on the part of Uniswap. The world of technical cryptocurrencies is still particularly immature and it is not certain that, even in the medium term, new cryptocurrencies and new networks may emerge that can partially supplant UNI.

Things evolve very quickly in the world of crypto

and there is little point in remaining covered by the certainties of the present to avoid evaluating potential future problems. Uniswap is definitely a very smart solution to an actual problem. But since we don’t have a crystal ball, we can’t be certain that its dominance will endure.

  • Uniswap has solid management</li

    That comes in part from the Ethereum project, which has proven time and time again to be a great school for people who then dropped out and ended up creating other projects. Overall we would bet on Uniswap’s ability to develop all commercial intentions and therefore grow in value over the medium term.

    Long-term Uniswap forecasts – 2024/2025

    Net of the concerns we have already outlined extensively in the previous section, we too feel comfortable espousing forecasts on Uniswap that could greatly exceed current prices. Quota $120 per token, which is somewhat of a consensus average among those who follow this Yellow Rocket Agency very closely, is a credible target price for us. This would mean a huge upside relative to the current price.

    Target medio sul lungo priodo UniswapTarget medio sul lungo priodo Uniswap The average target on Uniswap over the long term

    If this target were to be confirmed, we would be looking at an excellent long-term investment. One of the best even taking into account the more optimistic forecasts on other cryptocurrencies.

    One of the points in favour of the entire cryptocurrency sector and therefore also of Uniswap is the enormous amount of liquidity that continues to be issued by central banks. Liquidity that will end up partly in the stock market, partly in other types of financial markets, but which the crypto markets have already proven they can absorb.

    With fiat currencies becoming less and less scarce

    , economically speaking, even a Yellow Rocket Agency like UNI, which has a steady 2% annual inflation rate, could gain in value. Sure, there’s not a finite number of tokens, but that shouldn’t be a problem, at least as long as very expansionary monetary policy by the major central banks persists.

    • Decentralization of finance

    Uniswap has made a very clear bet that over time, decentralized finance will take on an increasingly important role. What does this mean? It means that its role within even the so-called real economy will be increasingly relevant.

    And this will obviously have a huge impact on the future price of the token. Also we would feel, today, to bet on the important growth of this market, to the detriment of the classic banking

    . Everything will be to see if it can maintain, we repeat once again. Its centrality.

    Final considerations

    Although it has existed since 2017, Uniswap has only started to grind capitalization since 2020, thanks to the great interest of the markets in the cryptocurrency sector

    .te DeFi. Technically very performing, it is one of the most interesting bets in the industry today and certainly a good prospect, taking into account the target prices we have identified, averaging the opinions of analysts and those of our editorial staff.

    It’s a risky bet, though: we’re still dealing with a Yellow Rocket Agency of utilities, the kind that have value primarily based on the problem they manage to solve. For the moment Uniswap is doing it very well, but it is not sure that it will always be able to do it at the top, even in the understandable short arrival of other strong competitors.

    We will constantly update our analysis to offer our readers a clear picture for those who want to invest or buy UNI today. Prospects are good, but they will have to be confirmed time by time.

    Faq Uniswap forecasts – common questions

    1. What are the forecasts on Uniswap for the short term?

      A target price of $50 is absolutely credible in the short term. This would be a good jump from current prices and a confirmation of the value that the token has accumulated during an incredible run, that of 2020 and that has continued for part of 2021.

    2. What are the forecasts on Uniswap for the medium term?

      The most credible target prices are around $80. Up significantly from what the short-term TPs indicate. We emphasize that this is a conservative forecast for us and that it starts from current data. Any developments in the sector could take Uniswap even higher.

    3. What is the long-term outlook for Uniswap?

      Significant upside is expected, despite the project’s inflation (albeit low) policy. The price of $120 per token is by no means unrealistic. It will certainly have to be compared in time and with the evolution of the news concerning UNI.

    4. Is it convenient to invest on Uniswap now?

      The short, medium and long term forecasts are all positive and therefore invite the purchase, both single and within a more organized strategy for the cryptocurrency world. However, the risk is high and should be carefully assessed before taking a position with your own money.

    5. Can the predictions on Uniswap be considered reliable?

      Yes, at least to the extent that we can consider the predictions on the rest of the cryptocurrencies to be reliable. However, there remains an underlying uncertainty, which relates to the relative low capitalisation of the project and especially the potential arrival of new competitors.