UFC world champion Jan Blachowicz announces partnership with Subme (SUB)

Jan Blachowicz, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, has become an ambassador of the Polish Subme project. It’s an application for managing subscriptions of your favorite products and services.


As part of the cooperation, among others, a collection of NFT

tokens will be created. The famous athlete will also help in the development of Subme by engaging in an investor relationship. The SUB cryptocurrency is a project entirely implemented by a Polish company.

Cryptocurrencies and Jan Błachowicz

Jan Błachowicz is one of the most successful and well-known Polish athletes. He started his MMA career in 2007, and in the following years he became the KSW champion. Then since 2015 he’s been associated with UFC – the most important MMA organization in the world. John’s greatest achievement as a fighter was winning the UFC welterweight belt last year and defending it in March 2021.

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partnership with the Polish Subme Project (SUB) was announced by Blachowicz on Saturday by tweeting on his official profile

, which has nearly 114,000 followers. The athlete said that “crypto-mania got him too, plus he became an investor.”

The collaboration is also confirmed by a short video

on Subme’s YouTube channel. The

founder of the project, Adam Larsson, who


recently interviewed by BeInCrypto Poland

, said in the material:

I am very happy that Jan Blachowicz is joining Subme. This is a very important strategic partnership for us.

UFC world champion Jan Blachowicz announces partnership with Subme (SUB)Jan Błachowicz i SubmeJan Błachowicz and Adam Larsson / Source: subme.cash Subme

is developing close to sports

The Subme project has raised over 8 million PLN (in cryptocurrencies, among other things) in a crowdfunding campaign. In the application being created, it will be possible to manage subscriptions to services such as Netflix or Spotify. Ultimately, the application will also allow ordering products that we use every day at lower prices. Thanks to the cooperation with Jan Blachowicz, “product baskets” designed by the sportsman will be available in the application.

Subme as a technology project related to the cryptocurrency industry will also create a special collection of NFT tokens, combining the world of cryptocurrencies and professional sports. What’s more, by entering into a deal with Subme, John Blachowicz himself has become a holder of the Subme cryptocurrency (SUB). The token has recently been available on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Bi


The Subme app is in line with market trends. The company itself aims to bring closer and tame the world of cryptocurrency investment, which step by step becomes part of our everyday life.


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