Twitter allows users to add BTC and ETH addresses to profiles
Twitter allows users to add BTC and ETH addresses to profilesTwitter allows users to add BTC and ETH addresses to profilesTwitter (Symbolbild)Twitter (Symbolbild)

Twitter is currently working on adding Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to user profiles. This is the latest addition to the Tip Jar service. Crypto News reports that the social network has begun beta testing the Bitcoin Lightning Network tipping service. It supports both cached and non-cached wallets and allows users to make smaller bitcoin payments.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared screenshots, according to which Twitter users can add their Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profiles. This will allow them to receive tips in BTC and ETH. Paluzzi claimed that he reverse engineered this feature. It was allegedly included in earlier beta versions of Twitter. He wrote on Twitter:

Twitter is working on adding #Bitcoin and #Ethereum address to profile to receive tips via Tip Jar feature. No need to link a Strike account to add them to profile. People will send payments to the [Bitcoin / Ethereum] address provided.

There is more information about Paluzzi’s leak: Twitter product manager Kavyon Beykpour retweeted his tweet and added a lightning emoji to it. He shared that Twitter is working on expanding the Tip Jar feature “soon” and added that the social media giant also has plans for NFTs.

What is Tip Jar.

Twitter’s new Tip Jar feature is not to be confused with Super Follows, which gives influencers the ability to provide premium content to paid subscribers. It simply allows users to “tip” influencers for their content. The social medium could soon allow subscribers to pay in crypto for their subscriptions via Super Follows.

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A crypto love affair

Twitter has worked to incorporate cryptocurrencies into its platform before. Last month, MacRumours reported that users of the medium had seen tutorials about Bitcoin on Tip Jar in beta:

“Details in the latest Twitter beta suggestn pointing out that users will be guided through a bitcoin tutorial that includes details about the Bitcoin Lightning Network and cached and non-cached bitcoin wallets.”

Twitter CEO spent millions to support crypto

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is anything but a secret. He has assured investors that Bitcoin would be an important part of Twitter’s future. He also owns payment processor Square, which has discussed adding BTC to its network. Dorsey has gone on record saying he would develop a decentralized crypto exchange.

Dorsey and rapper Jay-Z invested 500 Bitcoins in February this year to fund the development of the flagship cryptocurrency in India and some African countries. At the time, they were worth more than $23 million.