Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021
Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021 By Hannah Perez

Axie Infinity is the most popular, but not the only one. Learn 5 Blockchain

games you can make money while having fun.


A lot has changed in the last year in the wake of the accelerated digitization brought on by the pandemic. Among them: our relationship with video games.

The idea of playing for fun seems to be becoming a thing of the past now that Blockchain games and non fungible tokens (NFT) can also represent investment alternatives. This year, games that leverage this technology and are based on the ‘Play-To-Earn‘ model, orplay-to-win

, are proving to be quite a lucrative business.

In fact, in some countries, some people are choosing to play full time, as the income can be even higher than a traditional job. Axie Infinity

has undoubtedly positioned itself as the most popular game of this model in recent months, allowing its top-level fans to produce earnings of up to $1,500 per month.

The problem is, just as its profits can be high, so can the initial investment barrier. Luckily, Axie Infinity isn’t the only game offering attractive returns, and many others are catching the community’s attention as they enter the market. Here’s a list of the top five games after Axie

this 2021.

Top 5 Play-To-Earn games similar to Axie

One of the main advantages of this list is that most of the games are online, so the user is not required to download any software. However, it is worth noting that in all cases a Metamask wallet is needed to store, send and receive tokens,

and thus be able to start playing.

In many cases, an initial investment will be required to enter the game. Entry costs and potential earnings may vary with the price movements of the games’ digital currencies. It should also be noted that many of these games may be in the midst of updates and/or close to launching new features, which will also influence entry costs and potential earnings.

In any case, please note that this article is not intended to provide investment advice and is for informational purposes only. We urge all our readers to thoroughly research any cryptocurrency product, game, token

and/or project before getting involved.

1. Plant vs Undead

Also based on the Binance blockchain (BSC), <a href=”” targ

et=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Plantvs Undead is a multiplayer defense game that mixes the best of the famous Plant vs Zombies game , with NFT technology. In simple terms, the game is based on planting and growing plants in a world ravaged by a disease that has turned animals into the undead.

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Players will be able to take on two roles in order to earn money: landowners (higher investment) and farmers or gardeners (designed for users with less capital). The former are dedicated to buying and sowing seeds, while the latter take care of the landowners’ plants and defend them from possible attacks. All players upon entering have a land to plant 5 plants and 1 a mother tree.

Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021

On the farm there are 4 seasons, each lasting a week, and over 20 weather events. Each event affects the growth and productivity of plants and trees, as well as there will be more profitable plants for each season.

The game is powered by the native PVU token, which is used for players to purchase plants, trees, farms, and other in-game products, as well as earn rewards based on their production. As of press time, each seed costs 100 PVU, which means a player must invest about $1,700 USD per seed, at current prices.

Entering the game as a landowner is undoubtedly a fairly high investment, although with a single plant, the monthly profit can be around $1,300 at current prices. On the other hand, the cheapest alternative to start playing is to opt for the role of gardener, whose entry cost is about 5 PVU or USD $85.

2. My DeFi Pet

One of the newest games on the list, My DeFi Pet leverages the features of traditional video games with the advantages of the decentralized finance ecosystem (DeFi) and NFTs to offer players a unique experience.

Based on Binance Smart Chain and Kardiachain, a network focused on blockchain interoperability, this game currently in beta was developed in collaboration with Vietnam-based gaming firm TopeBox. In addition, maintains a similar dynamic to Pokémon and Axie Infinity, with an aesthetic reminiscent of Dragon City.

Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021

Like those games, My DeFi Pet is all about breeding monsters with unique skins to make them into a new kind of monster.Grow them, breed them, collect them, and battle them with other creatures to earn money. The game is powered by the native DPET token, which is used to buy eggs, breed and evolve pets. With a limited issuance of 100,000,000 tokens, DPET also serves as a way for users to participate in the governance of the game.

That said, the game begins when players purchase an egg or an adult monster with which they can battle. Victories earned in each battle allow players to earn money, while their pets evolve as they accumulate experience fighting. In other words, the more battles they have, the faster the creatures grow.

Currently, the game is in the testing phase and has not yet rolled out its main features, such as evolution and battles. This means that, for the time being, it does not allow you to make money. It is estimated that by December, My DeFi Pet will have multiple options including quests, camps and a larger world.

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Some previews suggest that players will require three monsters to initiate battles. The game was recently successfully audited by analytics firm Blockchain PeckShield.

3. Gods Unchained

Similar in style to the famous Magic, Gods Unchained it has an element of nostalgia that is sure to appeal to those who grew up in the 90s playing physical collectible cards. Although, in this case, they’re NFT cards based on Ethereum cards whose value is tied to the game’s native token, called GODS.

The main idea of the game, just like Magic, is to use a deck of cards to create battle tactics against other players. The cards can have various features and functionalities, such as attack, defense, support, etc. powers. Some are based more on “physical damage” to competitors, while others are designed for magical attacks.

Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021

All players have access to standard cards, but these are not tokenized on the blockchain. However, by leveling up their account, players receive packs of NFT cards. Players can buy and sell their cards through the in-game marketplace to build a deck that wins more matches, collecting more cards as they emerge victorious.

By winning games, users earn Flux, a tool in the game that allows non-tokenized cards to become more valuable. With enough Flux, they can then merge duplicate cards to create higher quality cards.

Launchor 2019, one of the advantages of Gods Unchained is that it doesn’t require a large initial investment to start playing; although obviously, to have a powerful deck, you need to spend some money. It’s also worth noting that card packs can bring rare cards, which are the most expensive cards on the market.

According to the youtuber and gamer CopperPitch, a rare card can be worth upwards of USD $400. Likewise, higher level players can make themselves a close figure during a weekend championship.

4. CryptoBlades

Developed by Riveted Games, CryptoBlades is aRole Play Game ( RPG) based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Blockchain Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game revolves around acquiring weapons and powerful heroes – dubbed as NFT – to fight against enemies.

The idea is for players to arm their characters with the best swords to take on other fighters and gain experience. They can also hire additional characters and forge unique weapons to increase their power.

To start playing, you need to hold SKILL tokens, which are used to mint characters and purchase weapons. You can start with anywhere from 1 to 4 characters and will need to forge a sword. Then it’s on to the combat section, where the player chooses from four contenders to fight.

Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021

The chance of winning varies depending on the difference between the power levels of both the fighter and his enemy, as well as the element they correspond to. For example, if a character is fire, he has a better chance of winning against an earth character.

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This game has a very peculiar feature: it has a system called oracle that levels the rewards of the game. The higher the price of SKILL goes up, the lower the rewards. On the contrary, when the price of the token goes down, the rewards go up, balancing the daily earnings.

As of press time, each SKILL is priced at USD $33, and you need to have at least 4.6 SKILLs (USD $150) to mint a first weapon character. However, the game is currently not making a profit and the community is waiting for an upcoming update to make the game a profitable experience again.

5. Dragonary

Released just a few weeks ago, Dragonary it is one of the Axie Infinity-like NFT games that is currently gaining attention among the gaming community.

Based on the BSC blockchain, this Latin American origin t game.It has many similar characteristics to Axie and Pokémon: it is made up of creatures with unique aspects that its users can breed, collect, fuse and take into battle, as well as use them to accomplish quests, among other things.

One of its main advantages is that it requires no initial investment. Players can get in completely free of charge, as the game grants them a team of three common dragons to start with. Just like the other games in this line, Dragonary has its native cryptocurrency: Coinary token (CYT), which is used to purchase eggs, dragons and other in-game items.

Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021Top 5 'Play to Earn' games similar to Axie Infinity this 2021

The earnings players can earn will be subject to the ‘rarity’ level of their accounts, which will depend on the dragons they collect. Dragons are classified as common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and mythical. Thus, the less common the creatures you have, the higher the player’s level and therefore their earnings.

Players can also combine or merge several of their most common dragons to increase their rarity. For the time being, players can collect creatures and complete quests, but they won’t generate too much profit. Otherwise, most of Dragonary ‘s money-making features, such as breeding dragons, putting them to battle, and trading them in the marketplace, are in development.

It’s worth noting that, unlike the other games on this list, Dragonary requires you to create a Coinary account and download a program, available for Windows, MacOS and Android, from the official website. They also recently launched the mobile app in the Google Play store.

Thanks to Gabriel Rivas for his collaboration in the making of this article.

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