Title: Shiba Inu Coin is 100% reliable! Certik report analysis !

ShibaSwap and consequently also Shiba Token have made it. The Certik report has finally arrived, certifying the solidity and security of the platform by the major verification body of the blockchain world.

Great news for those who have already invested – as well as a source of reassurance for all those who still had doubts about the goodness of the AMM that is linked to one of the most popular token memes

of all


Certik certifies the absence of problems – with reports that have already been resolved by the developers of the project

Let’s see together what does it mean to obtain the certification, what were any reports – and what this means for the future of Shiba Inu Token and also for its main integration, or ShibaSwap


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Ok by Certik: ShibaSwap and Shiba are safe

This is great news for the whole ecosystem


Shiba Inu Token

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that earns the ok from the most important certification of the whole blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Certik has in fact reported – and this is the most absolute normality – a number of potentially critical issues, which were however all resolved before the publication of ShibaSwap itself.

This is guaranteed by theextensive report hosted on the organization’s site, with only 1 minor

issue that, at the time of writing, still needs attention.

An excellent result for ShibaSwap and also for Shiba Token, projects on which many people continue to have doubts that, at this point, would seem to be now strongly unfounded. Doubts that, at least as far as project decentralization and code security are concerned, are definitely dispelled.

What does this mean for the future of Shiba Token?

Actually it means a lot, because it is the certification that protects from any kind of doubt that could still surround the project. Doubts that remain particularly among those cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have always experienced the enormous growth of SHIB with a certain envy and disillusionment.


Today SHIB and its ShibArmy can instead be more than sure to have in their hands a project that is also technologically valuable – and that has nothing to envy to more emblazoned realities like Uniswap.

What does it mean for the future price of Shiba Inu Token?

For the moment little – given that the general market conditions – dominated in recent hours by Bitcoin, which will be the focus of price action in the coming hours – will still be the driving force behind any rises or falls.

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The arrival of an important certification like Certik’s is the turning point for the perception of the project even by the most skeptical. Although there have not yet been any price repercussions – thanks to a weekend that is always slow for the sector – we are fairly certain that we will soon be able to move towards what we have outlined in our SHIB forecasts. Bullish on the market price now – and it could not be otherwise given this latest news.