The OpenSea platform now processes 98% of the total volume of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace

OpenSea’s product manager, Nate Chastain, confirmed the company’s prominence in a call for applications published yesterday:

We need to accelerate recruitment at OpenSea. We are 37 people processing 98% of all NFT volume.

Nate Chastain confirmed that he will pay 1 ETH, or $3,167 at the current price, to anyone who helps connect the company with a future recruit. On the company’s recruitment page, we see that many positions are also open.

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OpenSea continues to grow

OpenSea’s breakthrough comes as the NFT sector continues to generate excitement. Just over a week ago, the marketplace was the first to surpass $1 billion in transaction volume. That’s a +286% increase from July to August 2021.

According to dAppRadar data, OpenSea currently has over 40,000 users, who have moved $258 million in the last 24 hours alone. Cryptopunks account for the highest volume, with 127,680 ETH on the week, or $404 million at the current price.

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The OpenSea platform now processes 98% of the total volume of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

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