The Graph, news coming soon: earn +10% now!

Great news coming from The Graph – a project already quintessential to the functioning of the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency system, which is getting a makeover by offering rewards to those who become curators of the data being processed by the system.

News that has recently arrived and that has already contributed to an increase in value of GRT of about 10% since its diffusion – with the protocol aiming to relaunch itself after having suffered – as in fact all major cryptocurrencies – a strong reduction in value on the market.

The Graph –

Let’s analyze together the new features that have been introduced by the protocol – trying to understand if they can also have positive implications in the medium and long term on the value of this Yellow Rocket Agency. We anticipate that this will be a real revolution in the world of data economy – with great advantages also for data curators.

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What has The Graph announced – and why is it so important for the market?

The Graph is one of the most solid and interesting projects among the newcomers on the market. We have already included it in our section dedicated to emerging cryptocurrencies

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, thus underlining our confidence in a project that is definitely interesting for the crypto world in general.

In fact, The Graph deals with processing data coming from other blockchains – such as Ethereum, for example – in order to offer information that can be easily consulted and used for further studies or applications. And this has made it one of the main ones in terms of use in just a few months. So much so that it has even prompted us to include it in our portfolio of cryptocurrencies to buy

– for now in ninth position. The news that was announced just a few hours ago proved us right, as it may be able to drive GRT’s price higher.

  • Data Curation on the Web Revolutionized

Because everyone will have the opportunity via Graph Explorer and via Subgraph Studio to curate their subgraph on The Graph protocol – and curate related subgraphs, earning part

of the commissions that will be generated by the queries. This will be a fundamental turning point for Web3 and its ecosystem, since it will significantly improve the quality of data that are then used by both indexers and developers.

All the innovations that will be introduced by the new services and by these new Apps can also be deepened on the official website of the initiative. The impact will also be enormous in terms of competition – because individual curators will have an interest in improving their product and outperforming their competitors – as they will earn part of the fees generated. The forces at work in the free market, to improve the protocol on the one hand and its functionality and effectiveness on the other. A recipe that would seem to be perfect for GRT’s next technological leap.

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What does this innovation mean for the future price of The Graph?

It means a lot – as has already been demonstrated in the last few trading hours. Depending then on whether the system will actually be taken up (and used) by a large number of projects and developers, there could be further positive repercussions – rewarding those who entered with a long position on GRT early.

Could this be the right time to open your position? We leave that to the sensitivities of each individual. However, GRT’s price is much lower than its peak moment – and evaluating even in the light of these innovations, this could be an interesting window to consider opening – and diversifying one’s portfolio.