Tennis champion Naomi Osaka expresses interest in crypto, especially Dogecoin, and launches NFT
Tennis champion Naomi Osaka expresses interest in crypto, especially Dogecoin, and launches NFT By Editor DiarioBitcoin

Reigning US Open champion Naomi Osaka, who already launched her own NFTs, now expresses interest in Dogecoin

. She says athletes, who can’t practice all their lives, should think about their future.


After getting involved in the world of non fungible tokens (NFT), Haitian-Japanese professional tennis player Naomi Osaka seems to have become interested in cryptocurrencies, especially – much in the style of Tesla CEO Elon Musk – Dogecoin


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During an interview with Bloomberg, the tennis superstar revealed to be forward-thinking and that she was willing to invest her money even being at the beginning of her career. As the media outlet says, the growing furor around cryptocurrencies has caught the attention of the defending U.S. Open champion, who has been exploring where she can invest in the space. Part of her interest was spurred by the whole movement regarding Dogecoin


She and her agent recently talked about digital assets, the media outlet said. However, the 23-year-old athlete claimed that DOGE caught her attention even before that discussion


“I was actually talking to my broker about cryptocurrencies. I know online everything is getting bigger and bigger. I remember reading about Dogecoin… something new and interesting is going to come up.”

The tennis player said the steady stream of conversations about Dogecoin, especially on her Twitter

account, stoked her interest even before her agent approached her with the idea of investing.

Osaka noted that athletes, in general, cannot play their sports for their entire lives. That said, they should think a step ahead and find the right investment vehicles once they retire from the field

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“As athletes, our career is not that long, so I like to be very smart with it. I like when my agent tells me there are opportunities. And in a weird way, I like to fail a little bit because it makes you understand what didn’t work and why.”

In the interest of preserving his money for the future, he has made several different investments. For example, in the salad chain Sweetgreen and North Carolina Courage, u

n women’s professional soccer team. It also unveiled its own non fungible token (NFT) last week.

Naomi Osaka’s NFT

Osaka joined the advisory board of Tom Brady‘s NFT platform , Autograph, where she launched her second collection of non-fungible tokens last week. The legendary quarterback planned to bring together notable names from various industries, including sports, fashion, pop culture and entertainment as he launched the initiative. From golfer Tiger Woods to skateboarder Tony Hawk joined the platform.

You can see Osaka’s tokens on the Autographplatform here:

Osaka itself posted on Twitter an invitation to purchase its NFTs a few days ago:

Don’t miss out on the chance to get one of my first NFT Autograph Premier Preseason Access Passes dropping today at 3PM ET:

Sources: Bloomberg, Cryptopotato


Image from Unsplash