SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong denounces preferential treatment by Optimism to Uniswap
SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong denounces preferential treatment by Optimism to Uniswap By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelAccording to

Delong, SushiSwap was almost ready to be released on top of Optimism, but the project managers put the brakes on everything and indicated that Uniswap should be the first DeFi

platform to test its second-layer solution.


Chief Technology Officer for SushiSwap, Joseph Delong, accused the team responsible for one of the second-layer solutions to improve Ethereum’


scalability , Optimism, of acting with some preference for Uniswap over other projects within the DeFi


This was revealed by Delong in a thread of messages published through his Twitter account , where the CTO of SushiSwap shared some thoughts on the subject, clarifying the reasons why from the DeFi protocol they support Arbitrum over Optimism


One of the messages posted by Delong reads as follows:

“After a long discussion with a lot of dancing around the premise, we finally had to ask ourselves straight up Will we be treated equally in [Optimism’s] rollout? That’s when the team in charge told us directly that Uniswap ‘had to go first’. This meant we were out of the deployment until they tested it with Uniswap.”

Optimism gave preferential treatment to Uniswap

Among the messages posted by Delong, the CTO revealed that Optimism refused to let SushiSwap launch this solution first, and instead preferred Uniswap to go to l

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to the front. In that sense, the executive clarified that they had already implemented their DeFi platform in the Kovan test network , and just when they were in the process of debugging to launch the final version, they received the news that they did not want them to be the first to take the step.

Delong described this as preferential treatment for Uniswap, precisely because of the influence that investors like Andreesen Horowitz and Paradigm had. He also noted that both funds are listed as investors for both the DeFi project and Optimism, so he does not rule out that they have made their weight felt to benefit the platform over SushiSwap.

Delong’s allegations come almost a month after the community denounced centralized management within Uniswap, where Horowitz and his followers throw their weight around on decisions associated with the future of the project. At the time, there were allegations of funding an initiative that was not exactly chosen by the community, which carried out the sale of USD $10 million in UNI tokens without properly reporting this operation.

Let’s bear in mind that version 3 (V3) of Uniswap officially launched on Optimism in July of this year.

Preferential treatment within DeFi

For critics and influential figures, what has happened with Uniswap is not a recent problem, as many conflicts of interest due to lobbying tend to occur within the DeFi industry.

In this regard, the founder of Yearn.Finance, Andre Cronje, denounced that this type of movement in favor of some projects is much more common than is believed, which shows that perhaps DeFi is not as decentralized as it is believed.

However, despite the accusations, the Optimism team also offered a response to what happened, justifying the events by stating that they Uniswap it had first paused with them for more than a year.

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Optimism representatives also denied that there was favouritism within their operating model, so they were simply abiding by the principle of “first come, first served”.


Source: CryptoBriefing, Twitter

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