SushiSwap CTO accuses Optimism of favoritism towards Uniswap

SushiSwap accuses Optimism of favouring Uniswap

Decentralized exchange (DEX) platform SushiSwap (SUSHI) had announced that it would launch on Ethereum’s second-layer solution Arbitrum last May. However, the launch on Optimism, another layer two, has been abandoned. Joseph Delong, SushiSwap’s CTO, recently explained why DEX turned away from Optimism.

According to Delong, SushiSwap was preparing to integrate Optimism: DEX had been deployed on the Kovan testnet and was in a debugging phase. But at the time when it should have been launched, the Optimism teams would have indicated that they preferred to give priority to Uniswap (UNI):

After a long discussion […] we had to ask clearly, “Are we going to be treated equally on the deployment?”. This is the point where the [Optimism] team answered us directly That Uniswap “had to come first.”. That meant we were left out of the deployment while we waited for Uniswap.

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Investor influence in question

According to our brethren at Cryptobriefing, some venture capitalists, including Andreseen Horowitz and Paradigm, have reportedly invested in both Uniswap and Optimism. This would explain why one would have favored the other.

For their part, the Optimism teams explained that they had launched Uniswap before SushiSwap, because the project had contacted them well in advance, and that they therefore respected the order of priorities.

In any case, the case has raised questions about the decentralized aspect of DeFi. Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje explained that he had already seen this trend in the ecosystem:

That happens a lot more than people think . DeFi is not very DeFi. »

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No Optimism for SushiSwap

Uniswap was rolled out to Optimism in Alpha last July, after <a href=””>voted for a launch on Arbitrum in May. For SushiSwap, the split is clearer: DEX will not launch on Optimism. Joseph Delong further called on the crypto-community to turn away from the scalability solution:

I hope the Sushi community supports this action, and I implore other projects to do the same, until Optimism credibly tries To maintain neutrality as an operator. »

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SushiSwap CTO accuses Optimism of favoritism towards Uniswap


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