Stripe-Tease: Bitcoin back in the fold of the payments giant?

Is Stripe getting back into the glue with Bitcoin? – Online payments specialist Stripe has had its ups and downs in its relationship with Bitcoin (BTC). It had started well, however, with the king of cryptos being included in the payment methods offered to its users back in 2015. But 3 years later, in 2018, Stripe had removed Bitcoin from its payment methods. Again, 3 years later, things seem to be on the verge of reversing once again.

Stripe: The return of the Bitcoin king?

After more than 3 years of neglecting Bitcoin, and a short stint with Facebook’s Libra (now Diem) project, payments giant Stripe clearly seems to be back in the crypto-game.

In particular, media outlet CoinDesk noticed the publication of several job openings from Stripe to build a new team dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

As can be seen below, at least 4 engineers specializing in cryptos are sought by the online payments giant: 3 for positions in major U.S. cities, and 1 remote. A crack team that will be led by Frenchman Guillaume Poncin, former head of banking and financial products engineering at Stripe.

Stripe-Tease: Bitcoin back in the fold of the payments giant?Stripe-Tease: Bitcoin back in the fold of the payments giant?Crypto engineering positions sought by Stripe – Source:

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Bitcoin and cryptos: must-have payment methods?

Stripe clearly doesn’t seem to want to fall further behind online payments leader PayPal, which has integrated cryptos into its ecosystem as of late 2020.

“The growth in the use of cryptocurrencies around the world is opening up exciting new opportunities for businesses and individuals to transact and create value. (…) focusing on these emerging issues and needs, we aim to create faster, more reliable and higher quality cryptocurrency experiences.”

Among the tasks given to the engineers of Stripe’s future “Crypto Team” is clearly the goal of designing and building the “core components to support cryptocurrency use casesaies”.

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It is likely that with the Lightning Network, Bitcoin will once again be part of the crypto-payment solutions offered by Stripe, but it could be that altcoins will also be part of the game. It will be remembered in particular that the giant had contributed in 2014 to the initial funding of the Stellar project (XLM) carried by Jed McCaleb.

The success of cryptocurrency payments, demonstrated by the Chivo wallet in El Salvador, is pushing traditional players not to sit on the sidelines as a new economic dynamic is launched. The fierce competition to offer the best crypto payments service is on!

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