Stellar Lumens (XLM) goes under the protection of GK8

A new high-flying alliance – For several years, institutional investors have been primarily interested in major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)

. However, they are increasingly starting to diversify their investments, both in ecosystems, such as DeFi, and other blockchains.

GK8: The Custody Solution for Institutions

Security is the cornerstone of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Indeed, any loss of a private key induces a permanent loss of the funds linked to it. Because of this, most companies and institutional investors who dive into cryptocurrencies use custody services.

Beyond the custody services offered by giants, such as Coinbase or the Bakkt, other companies have decided to enter this niche. This is notably the case of the Israeli company GK8.

Specifically, this one offers an ultra secure custody service for cryptocurrencies. Thanks to its cold wallet

solution, GK8 allows its customers to store their cryptocurrencies in complete security. What’s

more, the company offers a patented one-way solution that allows a transaction to be created, signed and sent without an internet connection.

GK8 propose un service de garde pour cryptomonnaies ultra sécuriséGK8 propose un service de garde pour cryptomonnaies ultra sécuriséGK8’s ultra-secure solution – Source: GK8

In fact, the solution offered by GK8 is totally agnostic of the blockchain used. This allows the company to offer the management of all types of digital assets. In addition to this service, GK8 has insurance in partnership with the British company Aon, up to 500 million dollars.

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GK8 x Stellar: the new power duo?

As the proposed solution is agnostic to the blockchains used, GK8 is doing its best to add more and more networks to its service.

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In a publication

shared in early September, GK8 thus announced a partnership with the Stellar Lumens network and its XLM token, expanding its custody solution to the entire Stellar network and the assets it supports.

“We are proud to integrate Stellar into our already robust solution. Its vision of uniting financial systems around the world is a perfect match for our proprietary end-to-end custody solution. Institutions using Stellar will be able to generate new revenue streams, digitize assets, exchange and transform currency as it is sent. “

Lior Lamesh, co-founder and CEO of GK8<

/blockquote> As a

result, users of the service offered by GK8 will now be able to both store their Stellar assets and access tokenization features on the network. This is good news for the Stellar network, which could see some of the $50 billion under management by the company arrive on its network.

Centralized services are not the only ones to make eye contact with institutions. Indeed, back in July, the DeFi Aave protocol unveiled dedicated pools for institutions

. Everything is changing (for the better) in the world of digital assets.

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