Spain: Police dismantle cryptocurrency farm in Toledo (with video)
Spain: Police dismantle cryptocurrency farm in Toledo (with video) By Editor DiarioBitcoin

Police officers identified a woman in a chalet where 111 mining equipment was operating.


The National Police announced on Friday, August 20, the dismantling of an illegal cryptocurrency farm that operated from a chalet in Yeles, located in the city of Toledo, 40 minutes from Madrid, Spain


As El Pais

writes, the high electricity consumption of the house and higher-than-normal thermal emissions caused the first suspicions, which were confirmed when the police officers searched the house.

There they found 111 pieces of mining, cooling, smoke and heat extraction equipment, as well as an irregular electrical connection that would have allowed the illegal consumption of energy.

The newspaper adds that a woman was identified as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of electricity fraud.

In this video, published by the National Police of Spain on Twitter,

you can see more information and a video of the operation:

Expensive electricity

“In this type of installation, profitability is contingent on reduced electricity prices,” explains the National Police in a statement released by El País

. And Spain is one of the countries with the most expensive electricity prices, so mining would not be profitable if electricity consumption is paid. That is why the accused used an illegal connection to the electricity system through an unauthorized connection.

The investigation remains open, and now the agents are trying to clarify whether there have been other crimes.

As DiarioBitcoin has reported, the electricity used in cryptocurrency mining worldwide exceeds that of countries like Chile and is equivalent to that consumed by 7 nuclear plants. In fact, because of the high energy consumption and the environmental damage involved is that Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to eliminate <e

m>Bitcoin as a means of payment for the purchase of electric vehicles until cleaner energy is implemented in mining.

Sources: El Pais, Twitter

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