Simone Biles takes gold medal in the NFT market

American gymnast Simone Biles, considered one of the best gymnasts in the world, announced the launch of 10,025 non fungible tokens (NFT). The pieces are being initially traded on Autograph and later resold on DraftKings Marketplace. Both platforms are based on Polygon.

The first presale of the athlete’s collectibles, called “Simone Biles Carbon Premier,” which launched today, August 31, can be considered a success. At the time of writing, a total of 5,000 NFT were sold

for USD 12 each.

The same was true for the 2,500 NFT titled “Simone Biles Platinum Premier”, which were sold in their entirety for USD 25 each. Of the “Simone Biles Emerald Premier” series, which was also sold out

, 1,500 NFT were released.

Another collection that was on sale


the “Simone Biles Sapphire Premier” collection, which consisted of 750 NFT for USD 75 each and sold out in a matter of minutes


Digital collectibles are also being resold on the sports, entertainment and culture token marketplace, DraftKings Marketplace.

However, for Biles and NFT

fans, all is not lost. They will still have the opportunity to continue to purchase more exclusive collectibles beginning September 2.

Biles, a four-time Olympic gold medalist, will also have other collectibles ranging from $250 to $750. The latter series, called “Simone Biles Sapphire Signed,” consists of just 25 NFTs

. Simone Biles takes gold medal in the NFT market Simone Biles takes gold medal in the NFT market The “Simone Biles Sapphire Signed” NFT is the most prized collection, as only 25 will be sold for a price of $750.

The NFTs that will be on sale in September belong to the “Signed” category, as they include the athlete’s authentic signature. It will also allow those who purchase them to have VIP access to Biles’ upcoming NFT releases and be able to connect with the private Autograph community on Discord.

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Biles believes the NFTs will connect her with her fans

At <a href=”

ium=social&utm_content=5392048853&utm_campaign=sprinklrForbesCrypto” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>telling Forbes, the 24-year-old athlete, who worked with Autograph to design and craft the NFTs, said she made the move to non-fungible tokens because she’s interested in diversifying creative skills and connecting with her fans in a new way.

Like most people, I’ve been hearing more and more about NFTs over the past few months. (…) It’s been such an interesting space to learn, and I’m thrilled to finally participate with my first NFT collection.

Simone Biles, U.S. Olympic gymnast.

Another of the news that brings the launch of the collection of Biles, is that it will also begin to be part of the advisory board of the Autograph platform. This group also includes other elite athletes such as former baseball player Derek Jeter, tennis player Naomi Osaka, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and golfer Tiger Woods.

It is worth noting that Autograph’s co-founder is Tom Brady, a 43-year-old American football quarterback who has won 7 championships, making him the most winningest in the history of that sport in the United States.

As mentioned, the Autograph platform and DraftKings Marketplace are underpinned on Polygon’s blockchain. This is an Ethereum sidechain founded by developers in India, which is characterized by low transaction costs.

Several platforms that were traditionally developed on Ethereum expanded in recent months to Polygon, including 1inch, PoolTogether, Curve and Aave.

More sports stars have joined NFTs.

Just as Biles did, last August 4 CryptoNews reported the launch, by Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, of a collection of NFTs through the Ethernity platform. This is a site where collectible tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain are traded.

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Another sports star who launched an NFT collection was former boxer Mike Tyson. The goal was to “celebrate the iconic life and legacy of the toughest man on the planet, Mike Tyson,” as said by the artist who designed the art pieces, as reported by this media outlet.