Shiba Token: maxi event on July 20th and 21st (with NFT and mega-party!)

What’s cooking for Shiba Inu? For the most important meme token on the market, there is an event that could lead to important shocks on the markets, where even with some difficulty it is trying to maintain its market cap


All this in a general situation of a sector with lateral movements and where it is still extremely difficult to understand the next trend. However, a tweet from Shytoshi Kusama has rekindled the enthusiasm around SHIB, with an event planned for the next 20 and 21 July, a virtual one in which we can all participate.

And there will also be the launch of a special NFT – also physical

A social

turning point for a project that relies heavily on the community and draws strength from it. A news that many people are waiting for in a bullish sense, because it could have a positive effect on the price of the token on the market.

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The big event that could relaunch SHIB


was announced by one of the most followed accounts in the Shiba Token ecosphere, and it will take place between the 20th and 21st of July, in an event that should also involve investors and that will see the presentation of statues that will be reproduced both via NFT

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and in a physical sense.

I’m happy to announce a Virtual Party for Shiba Inu in 2 weeks, with an incredible DJ Set by @garethemery! And not only that… the DJ set will be presented alongside both physical and FNT sculptures, which will be housed in structures that everyone can visit (which annuWe’ll be looking forward to it in the future). The party will be free, virtual and everyone is invited. Let’s show the world that we are the SHIBARMY.

A literal call to arms, for an event of which we still know very little, but about which we will not fail to update you as soon as there are further details, both on the platform that will host theevent, both with regard to how to participate.

Something is moving in SHIB, and it’s a good sign

Because the project comes from theintroduction of ShibaSwap, very important on a technical level, but showing at the same time that the real strength is – and will remain – the community. A community that will be able to gather around an event that will be, we anticipate, one of the most important within the world of cryptocurrencies.

What will happen to the price of SHIB?

SHIB has accustomed us to incredible runs on the wings of excitement created by hype. And this seems to be one of those events capable of generating it.

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We will remain at the window, aware of the fact that the targets we have set in our SHIB forecasts could be easily filled. Not bad for a project about which, we must remember, not without a hint of pride, we started talking while many people, even among honored colleagues, were talking about a scam.