Shiba Inu Party: 2 hours of great music and $BONE gets rarer!

Two hours of good music, in the name of Shiba Inu Token. The first virtual party of the most popular and famous meme token in the world ended last night. An occasion to count each other and to get to know many other SHIB fans, even if the X announcement that could have pushed the price of the token up was missing.

Missed opportunity? Absolutely not, because actually good news about the protocol came anyway, even if not communicated during the party.

Shiba Inu Party: 2 hours of great music and $BONE gets rarer!The Party is Over – 2 hours of music, and a great announcement on Bone

A good sign for the whole SHIBARMY movement, with the latest developments that could be a good opportunity to evaluate the investment in Shiba Token. We find it on the crypto platform (here to get a free, unlimited, full-featured virtual account

, an intermediary that was the first to offer SHIB on the list – and which offers a proprietary interface with artificial intelligence, along with excellent platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and TradingView, with the possibility to switch to a real account with just 20 euros.

2 hours of music with Gareth Emery for the first Shiba Inu Token tribute

We’ve been saying this forever. What makes the difference between Shiba Inu Token and other projects that aim to be similar is the community. A community that yesterday gathered around a self-organized virtual party

, even financially, which showed how you can create virtual events even without a structured commercial reality behind.

An important difference compared to other meme tokens

, which are still quite far from being able to reach such goals, despite the fact that they are often supported by people with a certain public visibility.

This is the video of the two-hour DJ Set by Gareth Emery that yesterday entertained Shiba Token fans and non fans, who also gathered on YouTube comments, with the usual explosiveness and positive noise that has always characterized this community


Does it still make sense to talk about rug pull


Shiba Inu holds another record: it is the token meme with the highest number of detractors. The same ones who thought it was impossible to get to ShibaSwap and see further developments of the project, even with its two new tokens, Leash and Bone. History, at least for now, is proving them wrong, however.

The reduction of $BONE’s minting could also have positive repercussions on the entire ecosystem, with the move to a maximum of 25

0 million tokens created and at 90 Bone per block could help support a price that has suffered from the recent mini-crisis in the industry.

All this while many are waiting for a burn that could help those who already hold the token. Certainly, at least for the most widespread analysis, we may have reached a bottom situation with the last correction, with a good basis to restart to regain more appropriate price levels.

In order to answer to the question that we have made us little over, we can say that the possibilities that draft of an articulated swindle, as they continue to assert the Cassandras that detest the plan, are nearly inexistent. And that Shiba Inu Token, until today, has only confirmed the specialty of its project. A project that started from the bottom and that continues to embark new fans. All this in one of the most difficult moments for the entire sector.