Shiba INU Coin: crucial week! Here's what's cooking

A not exactly exciting Monday for the whole cryptocurrency sector, with the week that opens that could however be one of the most interesting for Shiba Inu Token, the meme token that continues to beat all predictions, despite a slow bleed

that is affecting the whole market.

A situation not idyllic looking at the graph, but that can take on a whole other value taking into account several news that have occurred in the last week and the unmentionable (for superstition) listing that could take place next Thursday.

SHIBA le quotazioni della prossima settimana Mount the great expectation among the fans of $SHIB

SHIB is, at the time of writing, just above $ 0.0000060, value around the historic lows of the token after the initial boom and a sign of a general market of cryptocurrencies that has not opened in the best way a week that many expected to be the revival


For many others, however, it’s a great opportunity to accumulate SHIBs on the cheap, which we can do on the platform (here for a free unlimited demo account forever)

, the first of the brokers to offer $SHIBs on the list, with AI-based analysis, access to MetaTrader 4 and TradingView. Only 20 euros to start with a real account for the first (but definitely not the last) broker to list Shiba Inu Token.

Will it be the week of quotes and re-quotes?

It could be so, or rather, so expect the majority of the members of the informal ShibArmy, who are mainly aiming at the actual integration within Coinbase, but not only. Coming back to the most important of the exchanges dealing with cryptocurrencies, those who have been following us for some time know that actually the first exchange to list on an exchange in history has officially included SHIB within its listings for some time now.

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However, shortly afterwards it had to retrace its steps due to technical issues that should be resolved soon. Will this be the week? It could be, taking advantage of the low volumes that are affecting the market in recent hours.

But to hold bench, even if for superstition they are in few to speak of it on the official channels, it is the possibility that during the week – it is spoken with more and more insistence of Thursday 22 July – it will be eToro to listare SHIB. After all in the last days the exchanges with the community of the fans of Shiba Inu Token are

have been several – and after such a long courtship, it would seem that a close listing would be inevitable. The same broker is then back on the issue, pointing out that the listing of new products involves technical issues of no small importance. And that between the moment in which a decision is taken and then implemented there are times … technical.

Also this seems to be an important message of openness towards Shiba and his community, that from a listing on one of the most important brokers in the world could get very important gains in terms of price.

In the meantime ShibaSwap goes to swell

In the meantime ShibaSwap can be defined as a very important success, which is already moving – as we reported a few days ago very important volumes. No technical problems and important amounts of liquidity for those who want to earn respectively $LEASH and $BONE, additional tokens of the ecosystem and that could increase their relevance if the numbers of the official swap should continue to grow.

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Also look at the general market, at least for the short term

So many of our readers ask us for a short-term direction for their SHIB investments. In addition to this good news that we have reported, however, the market and sentiment in a general sense will dominate the scenario at least for the next few days.

Summer is here, volumes are down and the whole sector is not doing very well, with a general situation of great uncertainty given the low trading volumes that are recorded on all the main brokers of the platform.

For this reason we can only invite everyone to wait for possible developments in the news we have provided above. Of capitulations to the horizon they would not seem to be there and the price is enough inviting to allow all to accumulate SHIB without great entry barriers. The listing at eToro would act as a driver for the return to very interesting price levels.