+RUMORS+ Bitcoin will be included in GTA 6 - everything we know now!

New leaks for GTA 6 – the next and eagerly awaited chapter of the popular Rockstar franchise. Leaks

that will interest readers of Cryptocurrency.it not for the invoice of the game – which is still announced as a very high level – but for the possibility (already ventilated in the past), that there is a system of integration for cryptocurrencies.

News that finds new confirmation by what has emerged from the leak of the game map – which would seem to confirm the presence of crypto elements within the new world created by Rockstar Games for those who want to improvise

king of crime. The news, if confirmed, would be incredible

A good news for the sector? Yes, although for the moment there is still nothing confirmed by the manufacturer. But the leaks, experts say, would seem to be of those difficult to deny. The game is scheduled for release in 2025 – and could include elements during missions that pay the player in Bitcoin and not just US dollars – a move that could contribute to the explosion of BTC as a pop phenomenon.

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Dual System – a sort of virtual El Salvador

According to comments that have been circulating on the web over the weekend, GTA may include a dual currency system. On the one hand, US dollars, which has always been the currency used to earn wages for missions. On the other Bitcoin, which however, again according to rumors, could end up having a similar

but not identical name.

We are still in the field of the wildest rumors

, which await confirmation by the manufacturer Rockstar, but which are still circulating online with increasing insistence. Rumors that find their origin more than a month ago, through the account, followed by Tom Henderson.

I’ve heard that GTA might include missions where you get paid via Bitcoin and not dollars. And we’re talking in-game payments. These payments would come from in-game characters who need to make high volume transactions in an intra-traceable and fast way. This is information to be taken with a grain of salt though.

We could also review the brokerage system that we had seen with GTA 5 – and that this time in addition to the stock market could also include the world of cryptocurrencies. Again with a definite push for the crypto world and Bitcoin as part of pop culture.

And there could be much more

Because other rumors point to NFTs the non-fungible tokens that have been one of the most important niches of 2021 for the cryptocurrency world. NFTs that would mean a complete integration of GTA 6 with the world of blockchain. Again, however, we’re looking at a system that has yet to be confirmed by the manufacturer and is little more than a rumor for now.

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What does this mean for Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency?

We have always believed that Bitcoin’s financial success will only come through the role it will also play in popular culture. And the exposure that would be guaranteed by GTA 6 is something difficult to replicate elsewhere.

We remain very positive in our Bitcoin predictions, not least because of its relentless penetration into the world of pop culture – with more and more people, even among those who aren’t exactly cryptocurrency enthusiasts – becoming acquainted with it by now.