Robert Kiyosaki: "Bitcoin is booming, gold is stagnant".
Robert Kiyosaki: "Bitcoin is booming, gold is stagnant". By Editor DailyBitcoin Journal

The author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, an advocate of investing in Bitcoin

, gold and silver, tweets the reasons for his current preference to cryptocurrency.


For a little over a year and a half, specifically during the period of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” bestselling finance author Robert Kiyosaki has repeated the same slogan: “Buy Bitcoin, gold and silver,”

this to counteract the inflation that will come from the amount of money the U.S. government (and that of other countries) has disbursed in stimulus bonds to help citizens affected by business closures and lack of jobs.

Well this week he changed his narrative a bit: he still supports Bitcoin

(and the metal silver) as a good form of backing, but not so gold. This is what he wrote on Twitter:

Bitcoin is booming. Gold is stagnant. Silver is 50% below all-time highs. The dollar is falling. Silver is the best high potential, lower risk investment. Bitcoin has the biggest advantage. With the dollar falling, Bitcoin and silver are the best investments.

Those who trust and those who don’t

Then he wrote about Bitcoin’ s price at USD $50,000, comparing those who have invested in the digital currency vs. those who have money sitting stagnant in the bank. He adds that while crypto-enthusiasts don’t trust the measure, they don’t.

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s of the government, those who have passive money in the banks do and that’s why they lose.

Let’s read:

BITCOIN at USD $50,000. Good news for Bitcoin holders. Bad news for mom and pop. The main reason I invest in Bitcoin, gold and silver is because I don’t trust our leaders, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury or the stock market. Unfortunately, mom and dad who save money do. Take care.

With 1.7 million followers on Twitter, any advice from Kiyosaki is followed by many.

In 2020 he spoke more than twenty times about Bitcoin as an investment, here some of the articles:

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Image from Kiyosaki’s press kit.