Reese Witherspoon, 'Legally Blonde' actress buys Ethereum and Paris Hilton shares love for BTC
Reese Witherspoon, 'Legally Blonde' actress buys Ethereum and Paris Hilton shares love for BTC By Hannah Perez

Reese Witherspoon dabbles in crypto as Paris Hilton reiterates her enthusiasm for Bitcoin

. A film director also made a move in the space and put a script up for sale on NFT.


The adoption of cryptocurrencies is quickly reaching Hollywood stars.

American actress and film producer Reese Witherspoon announced Friday that she has made her first investment in the digital currency space.


her official Twitter account, the actress known for her role in “Legally Blonde,” shared with her nearly 3 million followers that she had made her first Ethereum

(ETH) purchase.

Just bought my first ETH! Let’s do this #cryptotwitter.

The tweet received thousands of responses and reactions, and as on previous occasions, members of the cryptocurrency enthusiast community were quick to welcome her to the space. Some tried to interact with her by asking her about her particular interest in Ethereum

, other users suggested other cryptocurrencies.

Among the numerous comments, well-known Youtuber

, Logan Paul, even tried to introduce her to the world of non fungible tokens (NFT), the digital collectibles that are currently very popular within the crypto space. However, she did not respond to the comments.

Some found it curious that Witherspoon opted to buy ETH rather than Bitcoin

, so they speculated that the actress is interested in exploring the world of decentralized applications, such as DeFi and NFT. An Oscar and two-time Golden Globe winner, the Hollywood entrepreneur is estimated to have a net worth of USD $400 million.

Witherspoon buys ETH and Paris Hilton loves Bitcoin

Interestingly, the “Legally Blonde

” star wasn’t the only globally known person who decided to show their support for digital currencies this Friday. Two celebrities from the movie industry also joined the trend.

Businesswoman, model, singer and actress Paris Hilton, who has previously expressed her optimism for cryptocurrencies, d

e decided to show his love for Bitcoin via Twitter. The Hilton hotel chain heiress shared a post by Michael Saylor, CEO of the firm MicroStrategy, to express her stance on the flagship cryptocurrency.

Diamonds may be your best friend, but Bitcoinis forever,” Saylor said in a tweet, to which Hilton replied, “I love Bitcoin.”

Hilton, who sports laser eyes in her Twitter profile picture as a sign of support for the cryptocurrency, has repeatedly shared her optimistic stance for the technology. In April, she said in an interview on CNBC that she was “very, very excited about Bitcoin,” and further revealed that she was in the process of selling NFT. The star has also decided to name two of her puppies with space-related names – Crypto and Ether .

In fact, prominent cryptocurrency advocate Bitcoincryptocurrency, Max Keizer, joked about Hilton’s foray into the crypto space saying that it had “saved his life”. Bitcoin it had “saved theactress’s life.” “She was on a wicked path. Now, she’s saved. Thank you Satoshi,” Keizer joked in conversation with. CryptoPotato.

Hollywood Adoption: Film Director Sells NFT Script

In a separate move, film director Jim Cummings, reported Friday that he is auctioning off his personal copy of his first feature film script, “Thunder Road,” in NFT format.

Speaking to Decrypt, Cummings said the initiative could be an alternative way to fund upcoming film projects of his, or his friends in the industry. “Ijust thought, I haven’t seen anyone do this within the feature film space yet,” he told that outlet, continuing:

[This script] has all these handwritten notes of like, my stupid half-ideas that ended up in the movie. I was like, ‘Oh, this could be great. I see this kind of stuff at Sotheby’s all the time. Why don’t I try to share it at auction and then get them to help me fund some of our movies, or some of our movies, or some of our movies. of my friends’ movies?

Cummings also announced via his Twitter account that he is auctioning the document on the NFT marketplace in OpenSeaThe document, with erasures, coffee stains and scribbled notes. He also shared with the aforementioned media outlet that he has an entire collection of footage from his past films that could be tokenized for those film lovers interested in collecting digital memorabilia.

The latest forays by Hollywood celebrities into the cryptocurrency and NFT space appears to be part of a broader trend of adoption by entertainment industry figures. Artists like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have also recently made moves in the space, even funding an animated series with NFT. Meanwhile, the family of acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola, is pushing an initiative that leverages Blockchain to support independent filmmaking.

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