Report: Number of investors holding bitcoin has tripled since 2018
Report: Number of investors holding bitcoin has tripled since 2018 Report: Number of investors holding bitcoin has tripled since 2018

According to a Gallup poll, BTC is now owned by three times as many American investors as it was in 2018.

A recent survey found that bitcoin has grown in popularity among younger US investors over the past three years in terms of awareness, interest and ownership.

The survey, conducted by global analyst and advisory firm Gallup, revealed that the number of US investors holding BTC has increased from 2% in 2018 to 6% in June 2021. The survey defines “investors” as adults who have invested $10,000 or more in stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

It was also reported that the dimension of bitcoin ownership has more than tripled among surveyed investors under the age of 50 over the past three years. This is an increase from 3% (2018) to 13%. although this number has also tripled from 1% in 2018.

The researchers noted that bitcoin’s relatively modest ownership can be contrasted with more popular investments. The study revealed that 84% of investors surveyed said they invested in index funds or mutual funds, while 67% said they owned individual stocks and 50% owned bonds.

“At 6%, bitcoin ownership is more similar to gold, which 11% of investors said they own.”

The survey results are from the Gallup Investor Optimism Index survey conducted June 22-29, 2021 among 1,037 U.S. investors age 18 and older. The sample for the survey was weighted to be demographically representative of the adult U.S. population with a maximum margin of sampling error of ±5%.

The survey also shows that perceptions of bitcoin risk have declined over three years. Almost all investors surveyed viewed BTC as a risky investment, but the percentage describing it as “very risky” dropped from 75% to 60%. Most of the remaining 35% believe it is “somewhat risky,” while only 5% believe it has no risk.

Gallup concluded that large investments in BTC by well-known companies such as Tesla, Square and Morgan Stanley could give it more credibility in the mainstream.

A similar survey of institutional investors in May and June found that more than 80% of hedge fund directors and wealth managers surveyed who already hold cryptocurrency assets intend to increase their holdings.

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