R.I.P Livret A and inflation

A new generation, new financial rules! While everyone agrees that the world of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector has the status of an investment El Dorado, there are still few offers that are truly accessible and likely to seduce and reassure the general public. By unveiling its new service, the French crypto leader Just Mining strikes a blow: a high profitability offer based on DeFi entirely built on stablecoins. So find out today how it’s possible to enjoy nearly 10% net dividend returns from a stablecoin investment.

This promotional article is brought to you in collaboration with Just Mining, leader in blockchain mining and security services

From the Livret A of your childhood to the Decentralized Finance of your future

The Livret A has cradled our childhood. But even if this “popular” financial product in the noblest sense of the word deserves the affection and respect due to its great age, its characteristics – and what we find difficult to describe as “performance ” – make us face facts: for the last 3 years, the profitability of the Livret A has stagnated below 0.5%.

A sluggish return, to put it politely, and a percentage that even turns into a joke when you remember that it is distributed in an environment subject to two or even three times higher inflation (1.5% inflation projected in France in 2021).

There is no elegant way to say it, so let’s be frank: investing money in a Livret A will make you poorer, slowly but surely. In short, the Livret A is a perfect embodiment of a monetary environment of which inflation is a central component, an inflation that implies that the individual ends up being accustomed to “naturally” losing purchasing power as states and other central banks print unlimited amounts of magic money (even if they pretend the opposite, even if it means using particularly convoluted arguments).

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From Bitcoin to DeFi

Inflation, seemingly infinite fiat money creation, the cycle of economic crises… this state of affairs is not new, and as you probably know, it is precisely this situation to which the creation of Bitcoin, forged in the ruins of the 2008 subprime crisis, provides a novel response.

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And if Bitcoin is not natively designed to generate interest, or any dividends (its incentive system rests elsewhere, on its very architecture, known as “Proof of Work”, with rewards for the actors of its network), it is not the same for certainins representatives of its many descendants, which are grouped around the qualifier of “Decentralized Finance”, or DeFi.

These crypto-assets of a new kind are rich in promise: to replicate all banking and financial services, from the most traditional (savings, loans, insurance….), to the most sophisticated (arbitrages, bonds, indexes…).

The result: the emergence of purely and simply unprecedented financial levers, thanks to the deployment of elaborate smart contracts running on increasingly powerful and interconnected distributed networks.

Most importantly, this new “Finance 2.0” no longer requires a trusted third party or intrusive central authority to operate, but relies on the power of its computer protocol, the resilience of its community consensus, and an operation made virtuous by sophisticated incentive and reward systems.

Decentralized Finance is teeming with innovation and is bursting out of the woodwork around the world, imposing its new standards, even within the most respectable and conservative institutions such as the giant American bank Goldman Sachs.

Engrenage autour de la DeFiEngrenage autour de la DeFi

Yield farming, lending, liquidity providing… so many new, sometimes slightly esoteric notions, which are associated with a new way of understanding investment and financial management. The result is sometimes very high returns, which nevertheless require a great deal of prudence and expertise to ensure that the adventure does not turn into a fiasco.

Indeed, if the picture seems idyllic, it is essential to underline that Decentralised Finance is still largely experimental. And if the famous credo “no big results without big risks” applies universally to investment, it is particularly relevant in the context of DeFi.

The risks of hacking exist, and so do protocol failures. More prosaically, someDeFi projects may simply fail to reach a sufficient traction point to guarantee their success over time. In other words, the ill-prepared DeFi adventurer risks losing money, and in the best case, time, which in financial matters is almost worse!

For this reason, it may be appropriate to surround yourself with experts in the field, whose job will be to simplify your access to this type of solution, leaving you only with the pleasant part of the process: reaping dividends on your initial investment.

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And it is precisely in this area of expertise that Just Mining has just burst onto the scene with a brand new offer that will allow you to access the amazing returns of Decentralised Finance, in the best possible security conditions. It’s time to discover the stablecoin lending offer from the industry champion.

Just Mining offers 9.5% ROI on a decentralized platform

The promise: via the deployment of several carefully selected DeFi protocols, Just Mining is currently offering you a return on stablecoins of 9.5% APR. APR(Annual percentage rate) is the annualized interest rate.

So, if you deposit 1000 USDT on January 1st, the projected APR on December 31st will be 95 USDT and your new capital will be 1095 USDT (in a scenario where the APR remains fixed). Your funds are not locked in and remain available to you at any time. Your dividends – themselves in stablecoins – are paid out to your Just Mining wallet… every minute!

Dividends on stablecoins: the ultimate anti-volatility shield

Investing in Bitcoin, crypto-currencies, Decentralized Finance can be very lucrative as the sector is so dynamic. The flip side of the coin: high volatility that makes it difficult to reliably project over time and to which not everyone is suited to be exposed.

By proposing an offer entirely built around stablecoins, Just Mining allows you to take advantage of the peaks, without suffering the intoxication of it and to touch the Holy Grail of the investor: a significant return for a controlled risk. In short, thanks to Just Mining’s lending offer, you can enjoy the growth and profitability potential of crypto-currencies without suffering the fluctuations.

9.5% return on stablecoin, what risks?

To achieve these returns, Just Mining uses various centralized and decentralized finance protocols (CeFi & DeFi). Note that these protocols are autonomous and that Just Mining does not control them nor is it responsible for their potential failures. The risks lie mainly in the possible failure of a protocol or in the stablecoin itself.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the protocols, their evolution and the inevitable uncertainty associated with a sector in perpetual motion, Just Mining cannot guarantee the total absence of fluctuations in the performance of the lending service. However, in order to spread the risk, the company undertakes never to place more than 30% of the investment funds on a single platform or protocol.

At present, the service is only available for the stablecoin reference USDT. USDC and DAI will be added to this initial offering later this month.

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L'offre de lending/dividendes sur stablecoins de Just Mining portant sur l'USDT, l'USDC et le DAIL'offre de lending/dividendes sur stablecoins de Just Mining portant sur l'USDT, l'USDC et le DAI

Why is it called “lending”?

Lending is an increasingly common mechanism in the context of Decentralized Finance.

In essence, lending consists of lending, borrowing and repaying funds (sometimes simultaneously) via centralized or decentralized platforms and the manipulation of smart contracts on different blockchains. Multiple arbitrage and incentive mechanisms allow liquidity and capital providers to enjoy rewards. Just Mining’s platform and specialized teams take care of feeding these different protocols, then redistribute the dividends to you.

The initial list of protocols used by Just Mining includes:

  • Aave,
  • Nexo,
  • Swissborg,
  • BlockFi,
  • Celsius,
  • Anchor,
  • PancakeSwap,
  • Compound Finance…

This “hall of fame” of the best protocols and platforms is likely to evolve over time, as Just Mining arbitrates its positions in order to perpetually guarantee the best returns to its users.

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Returns on stablecoins via Just Mining, fees and operation

Just Mining’s lending offer offers a net real return of 9.5% APR, taking into account the current protocol parameters.

The service is available from USDT 50 whether you choose to acquire stablecoins on the Just Mining platform or prefer to deposit your own tokens. The contract starts 24 hours after the deposit. For all withdrawals, a 24-hour lock-up period applies. This is the incompressible time needed to proceed with the withdrawal manipulations of the different protocols and platforms.

“The ability to generate passive income on stablecoins is a wonderful opportunity that we have been given.

made possible by DeFi. Unfortunately, for someone who is not well versed in blockchain tools, the best protocols are still difficult to access. Through this very simple and flexible solution, we try to share this opportunity with as many people as possible. “

Thibaut Boutrou, COO of Just Mining

This concludes our overview of a unique offer which not only offers a rare balance between high returns and control of associated risks, but will above all contribute to the democratisation of Decentralised Finance. Indeed, in addition to its high level of profitability, we can also congratulate ourselves on the ease of access and subscription to an offer accessible to all, without the slightest financial or technical barrier to entry.

It is now time to put your Livret A under frame, and to go quickly to begin to benefit from the generous returns in stablecoins that Just Mining has just made available on its platform!