Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Forecasts on Litecoin can help us guide our investments, whether they are short, medium or long term. The difficulty remains, for those who do not know the best tools to analyze the markets, to have reliable ones.

That’s why on there is this guide – constantly updated – that analyzes the forecasts on Litecoin for all time horizons. With forecasts that are the synthesis of the application of indicators and oscillators, the consensus of specialists and the analysis of our editorial staff on longer time horizons.

The forecasts on Litecoin in the short, medium and long term by the analysts of

The forecasts can be a useful guide for those who want to move on this market, taking into account what the chart can tell and what draw around this Yellow Rocket Agency the world economic forces, whether they are related or not to the world of cryptocurrencies. What you read in this guide is always up to date and is valid at any time we read it. As circumstances change, the guide is in fact constantly updated by our staff.

Litecoin LTC Forecasts – Introductory Table


2021 Forecast: $400 – bullish
🤞Predictions 2022/2023: 450$ – bullish
Bullish Forecast: Direct Purchase – Exchange
TOP Exchange: Coinbase for Ripple
Bearish Forecast: CFD Trading – Short Selling(Broker).
🥇TOP Broker: eToro for Litecoin
🤔Long term: $600 – bullish

Short, Medium and Long Term Forecasts –

Litecoin LTC Forecasts Litecoin 2021: Possible Scenarios on LTC

2021 could be the year of consecration for Litecoin and the cryptocurrency world in general. Forecasts along the year are largely positive for all the big stars in the Crypto firmament – with Litecoin being a part of a big growth spurt as early as late 2020, also driven by the queen of the class, Bitcoin


In order to analyze the possible scenarios concerning Litecoin, it is necessary to make some considerations – both general and specific about LTC, which concern both the world of cryptocurrencies and instead the world of fiat currency

(Euro, US Dollar, etc.), which remain the counterpart of the exchanges.

  • Cryptocurrency sector closed out an excellent 2020

This remains an incontrovertible truth. With the exception of a few noble lapses, the cryptocurrency sector ended 2020 absolutely flawless. Growth of over 30% month-on-month and overall year-on-year growth of over 100%. For many, this scenario would open up obvious bounces, as the run, many would say, cannot last forever.

While it is true that rebounds would be more than understandable – something that has already occurred to some extent in the early part of 2021 – it is also true that these genuine concerns must be cross-referenced with what is happening in the global economy.

  • Great economic crisis and flight to safe haven assets

At least in part, cryptocurrencies have become safe-haven assets, on par with gold. And this is evidenced by the incredible run of Bitcoin as soon as things get bad on the world economic scenario. And what about Litecoin? Can we say the same? In part, yes. In the graph below we superimpose the trend of Litecoin with that of gold and on the occasion of the last retracing

it is clear that the causes must be external. The similarities between the graphs of Gold and LTC are remarkable

The question to ask us in this scrap of analysis is in fact this: how come Litecoin and Gold have collapsed at the same time? One of the possible answers is that in reality Litecoin is already behaving as a safe haven and anti-inflationary asset, just like Gold, with the two assets largely overlapping.

There is an additional element to support our argument: Litecoin has historically been the third most widely held currency in portfolios, i.e. the one most frequently used as a store of value.

This will first and foremost affect the long-term and perhaps even the medium-term outlook. Because as a response to the COVID 19 crisis, most states have proceeded to print money, directly or indirectly. The attached chart is of the US monetary base, i.e. in USD, compared to the growth in monetary base for Litecoin

. It should be obvious to all that the only one of the two that can be subject to inflation is precisely USD. Subject to the other factors (which is a completely non-trivial premise), Litecoin should gain advantage over USD. <img src=”×683.png 1024w,×200.png 300w,×512.png 768w,×1025.png 1536w,×205.png 310w, 1778w” alt=”LTC vs USD monetary bases infographic” width=”575″ height=”383″ />The monetary bases of USD and LTC

NOTE: The Euro situation is not any different. The graph would be in very large part similar to that of the USD. And the mathematical considerations are absolutely the same.

  • The economy during 2021

Even if Litecoin, like all other cryptocurrencies, is not in any way comparable to an official currency of a state, it is still affected by the trend of the world economy. Periods of high uncertainty can only push even more capital towards cryptocurrencies, of which Litecoin remains a more than worthy representative, especially from the perspective of a store of value. Should the uncertainty persist, Litecoin could even improve its performance.

2020 was the year of Litecoin, Bitcoin and many other classic cryptocurrencies. However, it also remains the year of DeFi, or ERC 20-based tokens, which typically tokenize real-world assets. Are the two worlds in opposition to each other? Absolutely not, but it is also true that some of the capital of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is going in that direction. So one of the biggest challenges remains this one, as much for LTC as for other types of cryptocurrencies.

What the leading technical indicators say about Litecoin

We will now briefly look at what the technical indicators and oscillators offer on Litecoin. The time horizon we will choose is one month from the last update of this article. We could also offer even shorter period analyses, but this would be of little use in a context like cryptocurrencies, which are still characterized by very high volatility.

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They are analysis tools available with accessible tools of all – we can find them also in platforms like eToro (also in free demo version)

and they return clear reading results.

For 1-month moving averages on Litecoin we have


MOBILE MEDIA 10 20 50 100 200

1-month moving averages – LTC analysis

The moving averages are unequivocal: they all indicate a very strong buy at 1 month, which therefore leaves very little room for imagination and doubt


Oscillators are also a good technical analysis tool. Also this is available in the hands of all and therefore can be used from who wants to verify how much we assert. All the major oscillators can be ap

plicated on the chart of LTC also with (in free demo)

without mathematically offering different results. We report here therefore the technical analysis with the main oscillators on Litecoin


Indicators and technical oscillators on Litecoin

The indications are in this case less clear, but still very interesting and in favor of buying. Therefore we believe that they are in agreement, although not total, with what we have also seen for the technical indicators on Litecoin. The discordance between some indicators could be indicative of a discrete volatility on the short term.

Based on LTC forecasts: what to do now?

Based on the forecasts, the ideal thing to do today is to invest for the long term on Litecoin, at least according to the results of the technical analysis and fundamental analysis we have just done. There are several options we have at our disposal. From trading in CFDs on cryptocurrencies to exchanges, passing also for short, medium or long term.

There are two alternatives for investing – and both of them are very good

After all, Litecoin is not a newborn star in the cryptocurrency firmament and it is more than reasonable to take all three time options into account. Just as it’s legitimate to consider taking advantage of short-term downward movements by short selling


Is it worth buying Litecoin now? The opinion of our analysts


are several options on the table that can be traveled taking into account what we have just seen – at the level of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, on Litecoin


  • Very short term trading on LTC

To take advantage of Litecoin’s high volatility, among other things also increased by the particularly complicated period for cryptocurrencies and all safe haven assets in general. To trade in the short term we need a platform that offers sufficient technical indicators as well as fast execution of orders. The best alternatives we have available are in this case <a href=”

gs/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> (here to open a demo) or alternatively, for those who want to invest with less capital IQ Option (also available in demo).

WHY CFDS? Because overnight commissions are not a problem for those who do very short term trading and because they also offer the tool of short selling, to take advantage of any short-term negative trend.

  • Medium and long term trading on LTCs

The medium term trading would seem to be the most suitable for Litecoin, at least according to what is offered as a result of technical and fundamental analysis. In this case the speed of execution will not be fundamental. What is crucial is to pay as little commission as possible, which means reducing or eliminating the overnight commissions due for CFD contracts.

We can turn to Coinbase (open an account here), which has a good platform with low buy and sell commissions and no maintenance fees. Those who prefer more technically advanced platforms, have the possibility to invest with eToro (testing also in demo), which offers cryptocurrencies also in direct access and therefore without the so-called overnight commissions.

WHY THE DIRECT PURCHASE? Because we eliminate this particular form of commissions, which are charged every day at 23:00, for each open position. Since we do not need in the medium to long term short selling, the solutions we have indicated above remain the best we have available for trading on these time horizons.

How to trade Litecoin safely

Whatever decision we have made on Litecoin, we will have to choose an intermediary that allows us to invest safely. The alternatives that we have available today are of two different schools: on the one hand, trading platforms that operate mainly in CFDs, on the other hand, exchanges, which when of quality are authentic cryptocurrency exchanges, which allow access to Litecoin and dozens (if not hundreds) other cryptocurrencies.


Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Spreads: Low


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Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 eToro Review

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Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Recensione

Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Spreads: Da 0.0 pips

Licenza: CySEC/ASIC

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Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Recensione FP Markets

Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Spreads: Onesti

Licenza: CySEC

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Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Recensione IQ Option


Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Spreads: Stretti

Licenza: CySEC

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Litecoin Forecast: LTC Price Estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Recensione Plus500 </td>

eToro (here for the official website) is a broker that has always been very attentive to the world of cryptocurrencies, so as to include 18 in the list, including the most famous and less famous. Overall with this broker you can invest in over 2,000 assets, many of which in direct access and all also in CFD access.

With eToro we have a professional platform – which also allows you to perform the correct technical analysis on Litecoin in a few clicks – freely accessible via web browser and therefore compatible with all computers and smartphones. There is also an App version, for all Apple and Android smartphones.

eToro is one of the best brokers in the world and certainly one of the best for online trading on cryptocurrencies, both in the short term – via CFDs – and in the long term, via direct access. You can test in demo with $100,000 of virtual capital and no limitations. is a pure CFD broker, among the most provided for cryptocurrency trading. You can find over 100 pairs within it, combining all major cryptocurrencies with all major classic fiats. Again, the platform is web-based, with the ability to access it with a very common browser and without any kind of restrictions.

Among the most interesting features of is the analysis with artificial intelligence of the portfolio, which allows us to easily detect errors in the composition of the portfolio, even if it should contain only cryptocurrencies. It accepts investments on Litecoin, which are traded with extremely low spreads. The broker also offers the possibility to invest via MetaTrader 4 and Trading View. And for signals, Trading Central services are also available, to be integrated directly into the platform. can also be tested with a free demo account, which allows you to enter the world of trading with $1,000 of virtual capital and even multiply this trial budget to test larger investments.

IQ Option is a broker born to give satisfaction to all investors who want to start with little. It allows you to open a real account with only 10 euros and allows you to take a position on any asset, including Litecoin, with only 1 euro.

Ideal for those who want to test the world of investment in Litecoin without wanting to risk much. A democratic broker, which operates exclusively in CFDs and that today is the best bank for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies while being a very small saver.

Also in this case a free demo account is available, which allows you to invest with free virtual capital and without any cost, even if you will never switch to a real account.


Coinbase is one of the best choices for those who want a solid exchange, protected from attacks and offering only verified cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is all that, con possibility to trade even short and very short term thanks to its Coinbase Pro platform.

One of the best choices for cryptocurrencies in general and especially if we wanted to invest in Litecoin, with a platform that is easy to use even if you are still completely unfamiliar with cryptocurrency investing. And you can also buy Litecoin by Credit Card or SEPA transfer. Here you can open an account, with which you can start placing your first investments on Litecoin or on a more articulated portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Binance is also ideal for short term trading or long term investing. One of the most popular platforms in the world, especially for those who trade Yellow Rocket Agency against other Yellow Rocket Agency. As a side dish to an already ideal context, the use of the excellent Binance Coin for transaction fees, which makes trading even more profitable.

Binance‘s platform is also excellent, allowing us to apply indicators – albeit to a lesser extent than financial brokers – and also allows a high level management of orders. Ideal for those looking for an exchange that has all the credentials even for complex organizations of their investment. Here you can open the account, which is at no cost and after a short verification allows you to trade on all major cryptocurrencies in the world, including Litecoin of course.

Kraken remains one of the historical exchanges, which is also useful for those who want to invest in Litecoin. Kraken owes much of its popularity to a simple and straightforward interface to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, with low fees especially on historical cryptocurrencies.

It perhaps lacks a platform for trading in the narrow, short-term sense, but this should by no means be a hindrance to those looking for a solid, historical operator that has always preserved its clients’ funds to the best of its ability. Kraken offers its account here, which is activated in no time after verification, even at times like this, with tens of thousands of Italians every day deciding to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

SpectroCoin has an excellent reputation among European traders and investors on cryptocurrencies. This is due not only to the fees, which are also low, but also to the large number of additional services that this exchange offers. We are talking about an exchange that also allows you to open a linked bank account, to which you can transfer your profits, avoiding what is the most common problem for those who start investing in cryptocurrencies, or the need to make many transfers to and from your bank, with all the associated costs.

For the rest we are in front of an exchange now solid, which has shown to know how to invest in cryptocurrency.

nnovate over time and is now for us one of the best to make investments on Litecoin. Here you can open the account

, again with quick verification to start riding the wave of Litecoin immediately.

Ideal for those looking for very low commissions and spreads reduced to a minimum. Despite being perhaps the smallest in size of those mentioned, BitPanda

continues to offer a very advantageous commission scheme, which equates Litecoin to all other cryptocurrencies. This is no small advantage, especially for those who are able to deposit a good amount of money on the platform to use for investments, cutting out transfers to and from the bank account, on which a commission is charged.

BitPanda is reliable, safe and with great prices. One of the best alternatives for long-term investments on Litecoin and also other cryptocurrencies. It offers its account here

, to be activated after KYC paperwork, within a few tens of minutes of signing up.

Litecoin LTC Target Price: Short, Medium and Long Term

We collect in a slide what is proposed by leading analysts in terms of target price for Litecoin, both on the short and on the medium and long term. Very bullish forecasts in the light of current prices, for a project that, however, has hardly betrayed those who invested in time.

The average target prices

on Litecoin

The average target prices must be examined also in the light of the challenges that the protocol and the token are facing. Challenges that are also important for a project that is among the oldest in the cryptocurrency world and that, despite not always being center stage, continues with its run.

Medium-term Litecoin forecasts

– 2022/2023

Medium-term Litecoin forecasts are affected by the general economic trends and expectations about the cryptocurrency world. Several factors are taken into account when making such analyses:

It remains a big mover

for cryptocurrencies that have a finite limit of tokens like Litecoin. Therefore, an expected (and probably certain) increase in inflation will have positive repercussions on the nominal price of Litecoin. However, it remains to be seen whether it is not only inflation that will offer a boost to this Yellow Rocket Agency.

Although we are increasingly talking about Bitcoin, Litecoin is actually highly valued by the markets precisely as a store of value. Q

This means that

in turbulent times such as those we are facing, Litecoin will necessarily increase in value, as will gold and Bitcoin.

The medium term target price on Litecoin

  • The target price for 2022/2023

According to analyst consensus, the most credible Target Price for Litecoin is around USD 450, which would be a gain of over 50% from current values. If this is the case, it would be worthwhile to go long

right now on this Yellow Rocket Agency, choosing from the methods and brokers we just recommended, just above.

In the worst case there will be a contraction of the cryptocurrency world, driven by the explosion of a bubble on which, at least for now, there are no warnings. The worst-case target Price indicated by analysts is around USD 100, which would be about a -70% from the prices seen in early 2021.

Long Term Litecoin Forecast – 2024/2025

The long term on cryptocurrencies is more akin to arcane magic than financial forecasts, as it is for stocks and other more classic assets. The fact remains that everything, at least for the moment, suggests a further increase in the value of these assets, Litecoin included. With some caveats


  • Too much fiat currency in circulation

We have demonstrated this with one of our charts. Fiat currencies travel multiplying at a fast pace, while Crypto currencies like Litecoin maintain a fixed monetary base. All other factors being equal, the price of Litecoin expressed in US dollars or Euros should go up.

  • The onslaught of cryptocurrencies of purpose

Those cryptocurrencies that are born with a very specific purpose and fulfill it much more efficiently. This is perhaps the biggest threat to older generation cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin (and as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum – albeit in a smaller proportion for the latter).

Will Litecoin, which aims to be a generalist medium of exchange, be able to hold up? We will only find out with time.


analysts continue to see positive prospects for those investing in Litecoin.

<img width=”1024″ height=”680″ src=”×680.png 1024w,×199.png 300w,×510.png 768w,×205.png 310w, 1418w” alt=”Litecoin long term target price – by” />The long term target price on Litecoin

According to today’s consensus, it remains possible to see in the time frame of 3 or 4 years, Litecoin exceed $600. Which would be a huge gain over the current Yellow Rocket Agency price, even with sustained inflation. The less optimistic talk about a sharp decline in the value of LTC, which would put it at around $300.

However, these are very long term forecasts, which will have to be evaluated carefully and updated frequently, as market circumstances change and above all the world economy canons.

Final Thoughts

The forecasts on Litecoin, one of the historical cryptocurrencies, are up and down, between a complicated short period (after a great run) and a long period of predictable success


As with all financial assets, whether cryptocurrencies or any other type of market, you need to position yourself correctly by studying the asset, following the guidance of technical analysis for the short term and fundamental analysis for the long term.

This guide will always include updated forecasts, which will take into account the latest market movements, the changed balances between the different cryptocurrencies and fiat money. As with all markets, it is inconceivable to think of investing today, not monitoring the future fate of our investment and market trends.

Litecoin remains a very solid Yellow Rocket Agency, with a good market and a very good following, even for concrete uses. It may certainly not have the prestige and spread of Bitcoin, but it remains one of the staples of the crypto world. Investing, especially if you need to diversify from BTC, can be a good idea.

Predictions remain to be always taken with a grain of salt and supplemented with our personal assessments. We on this page can only provide theexpertise

of our editorial staff and the best analysis available to make an informed decision.

Faq Litecoin predictions – common questions

  1. What are the short-term Litecoin forecasts?

    Indicators and oscillators point to a sharp rise in the value of Litecoin after a month. Short-term forecasts should always be carefully monitored, however, to be sure to have in front of fresh data and in line with reality.

  2. What are the medium-term Litecoin forecasts?

    Consensus has been created around a value of $450, with the most pessimistic talking about a potential loss of value of 20-30% compared to the current value. Even in the medium term it is now convenient to invest in Litecoin.

  3. What are the long-term forecasts on Litecoin?

    A target price of $600. This is provided that the analysts’ forecasts are respected, which presage a very bright future for LTC. The most pessimistic forecasts predict instead a decline of up to 40% of the current value.

  4. It is worth investing in Litecoin according to the forecast?

    Yes, although it is always recommended to consult the technical analysis indicators present on reliable platforms such as eToro or the other CFD and DMA brokers that we recommend on our pages. This way we can have a very short term analysis that is always fresh.

  5. Are Litecoin predictions reliable?’s forecasts are based on all the best forecasting tools for the financial markets and cryptocurrencies. The information that is published in this guide is expert-proof and only gathers useful data for those who want to invest.

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