Chiliz forecasts: CHZ price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

Our guide will deal with Chiliz forecasts, analyzing the situation of the token both on the short term and on the medium and long horizon. An in-depth analysis with a target price, which we will analyze together with the consensus of the specialists – with an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of this token as well.

A fundamental point of departure for all those who want to make their entry in the market both to ride eventual volatility of short period, with contextual indication of the expected trends through technical analysis. Forecasts that, as always happens in the world of

, are to be considered as constantly updated. Analisi e previsioni su Chiliz di The forecasts on CHZ by – insights and infographics explaining the project, target price and analysis of short, medium and period

We will also report the best exchanges to move within this blockchain, selecting only those that can offer excellent guarantees and the best tools to make purchases on CHZ. At the same time we will consider the TOP platform for purely speculative trading

on Chiliz. With analysis from our experts that will also identify potential active moments for the growth of this Yellow Rocket Agency.

Chiliz Forecasts – Introductory Table:

Short, Medium and Long Term Forecasts – Chiliz

Chiliz Forecasts 2021: Possible scenarios on CHZ

Chiliz is a very special blockchain. In fact, it was born to incorporate a multi-token

system, with a central Ethereum-style blockchain, which allows through its standards to manage and create other tokens. The project was born with the aim of providing a combination of tools, commercial and technological, to integrate blockchain services in the world of professional sports.

  • Already many great clubs are part of the project

Through the platform, which already brings together the likes of AS Roma, Barcelona, Milan, Juventus, Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, Atletico di Madrid. Arsenal, Inter (with its token that will be sponsor on the official shirt), Argentine and Portuguese national teams have also recently joined. The project also continues to expand into other sports.

<img width=”1024″ height=”683″ src=”×683.png 1024w,×200.png 300w,×512.png 768w,×1024.png 1536w,×1366.png 2048w” alt=”Chiliz features – by” />Chiliz is a unique project

Part of CHZ’s future success will depend in very large part on what the token manages to do in terms of commercial expansion

. Most of

the projects started with teams are still in the pre-embryonic stage and will need to develop in their own way, before understanding the potential of the actual project


  • Already many fan tokens running on the blockchain

As we had anticipated, Chiliz is a blockchain that hosts many other tokens, besides CHZ which remains the main Yellow Rocket Agency management and value. They are called Fan Tokens

and are created by each team and distributed, in different ways, to fans.

With these tokens, which you can equally invest in, you can vote on events and make decisions within the clubs. Although it is also in this case of projects that are still in the pre-embryonic stage, we are still in front of very important advertising efforts. We have already told on these pages the involvement of Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus, as well as the votes that have even chosen the fighters of one of the UFC matches


  • Relatively low correlation with Bitcoin

And this is another of the aspects that make this project very interesting. We are in the reality of pure commercial blockchain, which is hardly affected by the performance of Bitcoin

and other major cryptocurrencies. Although in slumps or strong booms the industry still ends up conforming, CHZ continues to live largely on its own. Chiliz is different from everything we are used to seeing We

could be looking at a great alternative for our portfolio in terms of diversification, which should be of interest to everyone who wants to compose a well-balanced crypto investment


  • High commercial power

Which is kind of the key to this project. Having brought in teams of the caliber of Roma, Juventus, Milan and Barcelona means being credible interlocutors from a commercial point of view. And for a project that owes its value precisely to this area, it means being f

nd optimistic about the medium and long term.

Sure, the NBA is far away (and more importantly more independent), but having a foot and a half in the world’s most watched sport will have major repercussions on the perceived value of CHZ, particularly when people can return to the stadium and when clubs can integrate – on token offerings, even real-time and in-person initiatives.

With Chiliz, we necessarily need to shift paradigm and abandon the shoes of cryptocurrency experts a bit. Because we are in front of a project that although it fully exploits the blockchain – and potentially rides some of the fads in the industry, such as NFTs(Non Fungible Tokens)

is actually network services for big sports clubs. On the

one hand we have one of the richest worlds in terms of capital, on the other hand we have an innovative technology, with a token that does not represent the classic technical project, however, but a kind of action for a reality with incredible commercial strength – and that continues to close deals upon deals, expanding its reach


  • Excellent future prospects

Chiliz continues to make excellent commercial partnerships and has already shown the world that it can also deal with sectors other than football. This is a very good sign for those who want to invest in the medium and long term.

The project is far from being at the top of its maximum commercial development and therefore still has ample room for improvement, also in terms of value.

There is in

fact the possibility to be inserted even between clubs and minor series, which will make less blazon

, but that can bring important interactions on this blockchain.

  • Still large markets to conquer

Which means that the commercial expansion possibilities for the project are still very solid and could lead to increased volumes on its blockchain. Volume increases that are key to the increase in value of the CHZ reference token.

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It started very high – with all the top clubs

in the football sector, but it is not said that once this round has been exhausted there will be no room for those who instead sail in other seas. There

are potentially many sports to attack



Our fundamental and short analysis on Chiliz CHZ

What do the leading technical indicators say about CHZ?

Reading the technical indicators on a token that is still relatively under-capitalized – and at a time of extremely high turbulence in the markets, is not always easy. However, as is always the case on Cryptocurrency., we will set monthly horizons through which we can orient ourselves on expected trends, starting from the chart.

Since Chiliz is also present on (here for a free demo account) we will have the possibility to make these analyses, even without paying anything into the account.

On shorter time horizons.

Moving averages can help us to understand, although often amplifying the trend from which we arrive, the expected trends in the short term future. Also in this case we offer the widest possible spectrum of instruments, always with a horizon of at least 1 month


MOBILE MEDIA 10 20 50 100

Chiliz 1-month moving averages

Short-term indicators in the form of moving averages indicate the possibility of bullish trading within the month for Chiliz. In fact, all moving averages point to a rise, which is a very important signal and should also be compared with the oscillators, which we will discuss in a moment


  • Main oscillators on CHZ

Oscillators can also be an important key to understanding CHZ and the cryptocurrency world in general.

Although they

should not be taken as infallible oracles

, it will still be useful to keep them under control, in order also to moderate what we have seen with moving averages.


Oscillators on 1-month CHZ

As is often the case within the cryptocurrency world, oscillators give us a milder picture, while also signaling strong bullish trends in this case. Bullish trends that are less intense, but still clear. Also in this case we are in front, at least according to what the technical analysis tells us, of a rather positive picture for the token in question.

Based on CHZ coin forecasts: what to do now?

We have just concluded an analysis of the token, in the opening and technical analysis starting from the chart and the price movements in recent months. It would seem to be a good time for those who want to start including Chiliz within their portfolio. However, there are several aspects that should be considered for those who want to decide what to do now


  • Short term: expect high volatility

Although we are looking at a token with excellent prospects, we need to contextualize the possible trends of the economy also in relation to the world of cryptocurrencies. It is not certain – in fact, it is highly unlikely – that the path of CHZ and the rest of the tokens

will be linear. Therefore, we should prepare ourselves with intermediaries that offer us all the tools to analyze the trend and to anticipate it.

As well as intermediaries who can go and offer the top in terms of tools to invest both up and down. (here for a free and unlimited demo account), allows us to trade on the upside as well as the downside, offering the possibility to invest in a wide range of instruments.

BOTH WAYS. It is, for the short term, the best we actually have available to trade CHZ and all other supported cryptocurrencies, either in 235+ pure crosses or in conversion with fiat currencies


A NOTE ON THE SHORT PERIOD: The world of cryptocurrencies is always very volatile – and even more so when we talk about cryptocurrencies with still relatively low capitalization like Chiliz. Therefore, even when the indicators and oscillators should be very clear reading, we can only advise the utmost caution to those who want to trade short term.

All indicators and analyses answer in the affirmative!

Possibly inserting Chiliz inside a strategy more complex and more articulated, fishing also and above all from plans not directly correlated


  • In the long run: better to stock up?

We will deal with the medium and long term target prices of CHZ later on in detail. We anticipate here to find ourselves in front of a token that has an excellent commercial position and that continues to be in very strong expansion. This allows us to be optimistic and to be able to operate either by buying the token directly, or with the tools we have seen just above.

Chiliz is supported by Binance (here to open a free account), an exchange that also offers fast and very low cost exchanges on hundreds of cryptocurrencies. And that additionally allows us to invest in the fan tokens

that are being created through this project.

Should I buy CHZ now?

Chiliz seems to be highly underpriced for the moment, at least compared to the actual potential of the project, which is expanding and embarking more and more important sports clubs and franchises. The recent correction in the entire altcoin

sector may be of great help to those looking to invest in this token.

Before we get into the market though, we feel it necessary to delve into a few more details surrounding the world of CHZ and everything that gravitates around it


  • Are we buying something very different from bitcoin

And those who came to know Chiliz thinking they were looking at a natural evolution of BTC will be bound to be disappointed. The trends are poorly correlated, just as the projects are poorly correlated. Chiliz owes the totality of its strength to what it can offer in a commercial sense. The technology itself is nothing extraordinary and there are

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very few aspects that divide it from projects born to conquer the tech scene.

Even if we are not fans personally, we should not make the mistake of mixing heart and rationality. Because football, despite the moment of crisis that is due to COVID 19, the closed stadiums and the interruption of all activities that gravitate around it, still moves very important amounts of money.

A project that, like Chiliz, can offer a bridge between the world of blockchain and the world of football, connecting fans with their reference clubs. The token that acts as the soul of this project, can only take on a huge financial relevance as well. Unless the clubs decide one day to do their own thing. But at least for now, the project seems to be the most solid there is around.

And we’re talking about all or almost all the major football clubs in Europe. Some big names are still missing, but having Paris Saint Germain, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and the Italian clubs Milan, Roma, Juventus and Inter on your side is no small thing. Penetration in Turkey is also excellent, with all the big clubs in the country now having their own fan token.

This can only be a driving force for many other projects, even of so-called minor teams, with and therefore Chiliz that could also make its debut in the lower leagues.

  • A good diversion also towards the other top tokens

The diversity of Chiliz is not only towards those who want to distance themselves from Bitcoin, but also towards other solid cryptocurrencies and also towards the so-called emerging tokens. We are therefore faced with a kind of unicum, which has its own management and with little or no correlation to the blockchain technology world.

We are focusing on what exactly? On the new strand of sports being in greater contact with their fans and a company that allows teams to have a technology infrastructure to do that.

How to trade on Chiliz safely


Chiliz forecasts: CHZ price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

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Chiliz forecasts: CHZ price estimates 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Plus500 Review

We need to take great care in choosing what is offered in terms of brokerage for our trades on CHZ. This is a token that is not yet very common, although it is very popular.

We are fortunate to have many quality brokers on our side who can offer you the very best in terms of tools, market access and analysis.

We have collected the best ones, certain to offer our readers a good choice, whether you want to trade for the short term or for the long term. We have limited this choice to only those brokers that are safe, legal and that we have personally tested within the markets.

It is the first – and so far only – choice within crypto platforms to trade on Chiliz. An intermediary that offers the beauty of 235+ cryptocurrency crosses, both in crypto versus crypto, and instead against the world’s major fiat currencies


The choice we have at our disposal in terms of platforms is excellent. We can use the proprietary web platform, which is also equipped with artificial intelligence for portfolio management, or opt for professional services such as MetaTrader 4 and TradingView

for a more extensive management. For we also have the option of integration with the Trading Central signals service.

We can also test the platform with a free demo account

, which allows you to trade with unlimited virtual capital, with all the services we have listed that are available even before moving to a real account.

Also read: reviews and real opinions


The best of the exchanges that offer access to Chiliz today is Binance, one of the top players in the industry, which offers this token through its rapid exchange DEX. We are in front of a very good broker, known and solid and that allows you to go and invest on Chiliz with advanced order management tools.

You don’t even need to get a wallet, because the tokens will remain safe within the platform, ready to be sold when you want. All this with commissions reduced to the bone and with the security of one of the main exchanges in the world. We can open a free account

with Binance and start shopping in the world of Chiliz. Including document verification, we only have to wait a few minutes.

Target Price Maker Chiliz: Short, medium and long term

We have collected in this section the short, medium and long term average prices on CHZ. These are prices derived from our analysis and which are also based on the consensus of the major specialists in the sector. They are forecasts which, in the case of the medium and long term, we will also analyse later, also taking into account possible issues concerning the future of Chiliz and related projects.

<img width=”1024″ height=”682″ src=”×682.png 1024w,×200.png 300w,×511.png 768w,×1022.png 1536w,×1363.png 2048w,×205.png 310w” alt=”Chiliz – average target prices – by” />The average target prices of Chiliz, according to the forecasts

The forecasts, as it is clear compared to the current prices, are very interesting even for those who want to intervene in the market now, taking into account the prospects of an altcoin

market that still continues in a moment of very strong uncertainty. More solid prospects – and more certain – for those who want to invest in the market in the medium and long term.

Medium term CHZ


– 2022/2023

Medium term forecasts in the altcoin world are always extremely complicated and expose to the risk of strong denials. Taking into account the particular moment for the whole industry and the classic volatility of the so-called altcoins

, we have reduced the average target price for 2022/23 that has been set by leading specialists in our opinion. Medium-term target prices on Chiliz

We believe that a medium-term target price

close to $1 is likely, a price that would still constitute, for those who want to enter the market now, an excellent prospect of gain. However, there are some critical points that the market will have to try to dissipate in order for this ambitious target to be reached.

  • Football is not in very good shape

After almost 2 full years of lockdown

at least for stadiums, clubs find themselves in not exactly brilliant cash flow conditions. This can affect the financial soundness of the entire football planet. Certainly, the clubs that are involved in the project today are of the solid kind and do not seem to fear even stormy seas.

However, bankruptcies or major difficulties in the chain for smaller clubs could make, at least in the short term, football a much less attractive business

. And Chiliz, at least for now, is tied to this world with a double thread.

  • Competition does not exist, and cannot exist for a long time

That’s because Chiliz’s strength isn’t just in technology. We are in front of a token and a blockchain that, as we have already repeated several times, will owe their growth to the strength of the commercial project. And although

tomorrow everyone could create – or almost create – a better performing blockchain, it will take time and very significant capital to achieve the commercial results of the Chiliz brand.

This is a soft lock

, allowing us to be very optimistic about the project, despite its technological luster. Something that gives us a good level of confidence at least on this specific horizon. Long-term

CHZ forecasts – 2024/2025

On long-term forecasts, even when they concern a solid project like Chiliz, there are always more difficulties. Therefore, it remains very important to move taking into account the long-term volatility of the markets and the true technological and commercial propensities of the project.

The long-term target price for


The long-term target price for those entering the market now is $1.30, a very strong increase on current prices. This is a project on which bullish winds are blowing even in the long term and that looks like one of the most interesting of the entire altcoin sector. Even in this case, however, there will be challenges that the project will have to face in order to achieve its long-term goals


  • Competition? This time it counts

We believe it is possible that new realities in blockchain will come up that can offer more specialized environments for sports NFTs. Chiliz has no exclusivity in this regard and could miss out on one of the most important games to be played in the coming years.

This could make the project if not marginal however less important. And it will be necessary to evaluate over time what strength it will have to expand its functionality and offer football clubs and not only everything they need


  • The evolution of the sports industry

We don’t know if Chiliz actually bet on the best horse in the long run. E-sports will nibble away at some of the football world ‘s side business and the growth budgeted for the club

universe could be far less attractive.

UEFA and FIFA’s strong grip on the entire industry, which drains wealth, could be another of the very important questions that projects like Chiliz will face. For now CHZ seems to have broad enough shoulders and wide prairies within which to expand. However, this will have to be constantly checked over time, to verify that the goals of this specific project are still achievable.

Final considerations

Chiliz is at the centre of a very large

commercial project, which already involves major sports franchises and has shown enviable strength in penetrating new markets., a platform that is closely linked to this project, already connects all the best teams in Europe. Which will be important for the future of the project.

For us, it remains one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world outside of hard and pure blockchains – and one to watch, because the real thread of the future will also be one connected to sports businesses and brands that can move people’s hearts – and wallets -. Our Chiliz forecasts will necessarily have to remain under control, which is true and valid for the whole sector. But for the moment, as we have explained sufficiently within this in-depth analysis, the medium and long term assumptions are more than interesting.

Faq CHZ forecasts – common questions

  1. What are the Chiliz forecasts for the short term?

    On the short term, the target is $0.60, up from current market prices. These are forecasts that average the consensus of the main specialists and are also supported by the main short-term signals.

  2. What are the forecasts on Chiliz in the medium term?

    On the medium term, the price target of $1, again a very strong rise from current prices. This would be a great run for CHZ, confirming its excellent trading prospects. However, there are aspects that need to be assessed for the project, which we openly point out in the course of our in-depth review.

  3. What are the long-term Chiliz forecasts?

    The long-term Chiliz forecasts point to $1.30, with further upside to the medium-term forecasts. In our opinion, this is an achievable goal for the token, provided that the project is able to expand further. Also in this case we can study our deepening to understand what will be the milestones of the project for these predictions to come true.

  4. Is it worth investing in CHZ now?

    In our opinion yes. The project is one of the strongest in terms of market penetration and by far one of the most important in the entire niche of professional sports. There is still great potential for growth in terms of expanding the customer base, which is now made up of Europe’s top sports and football clubs.

  5. Are the predictions on CHZ reliable?

    Cryptocurrency predictions are always relatively complex, especially when we are talking about tokens that still have a not too much capitalization. In our opinion, Chiliz can respect these predictions, which are however the result of in-depth studies by our specialists. They will however remain constantly updated, which will make this in-depth study always reliable.

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