Polygon sponsors SkyWeaver, the card game via NFT

Polygon is betting heavily on the world of e-sports, and is demonstrating this by making available prizes of up to $10,000 for the upcoming tournaments of SkyWeaver, a free-to-play

trading card-style game, with prizes that will be issued directly in MATIC tokens.

A good initiative, for a project in layer 2

that has long hinted at wanting to attack the intersection between games and blockchain, trying to become its reference infrastructure. All within a series of tournaments that will be unique in their kind – and that will be, we are told by Polygon, repeated over time. Polygon continues in its attempt to expand commercially

A great news for a layer 2 that is now very popular also because of the huge demand for solutions that are able to make Ethereum scalable. An initiative that rekindles interest in Polygon Matic – which has been one of the strongest projects, also in terms of market growth, in an uninspiring two months

for the industry.

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Polygon is – and this is a sensible move – trying to capitalize on the success it has gained in recent weeks, with the token being among the best performers overall in the entire cryptocurrency sector.

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The sector it has decided to attack is that of esports, helping to organise a tournament for a game that, at least in its mechanics, closely resembles Blizzard’s Hearthstone. An interesting game and already very popular, which could gain further traction thanks to this campaign launched by Polygon. All with the center those NFT

that are now one of the hottest topics of the blockchain industry. A

few more details about

SkyWeaver SkyWeaver is a game that incorporates some of the mechanics of Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, a trading card game with individual cards that are immortalized in perpetuity on the blockchain. It’s still in beta and those who want to test it out can sign up for the waitlist on the official website, for a launch phase that will last for a while yet. The real revolution for this game is that

the cards are actually owned by the players, directly on the Ethereum

blockchain and that therefore not even the manufacturer Horizon will be able to deprive the player – or affect the economic value.

Will it be successful? It will depend on both the number of players who actively start trading cards and the actual fun factor of the game. With Polygon’s interest, however, we can be assured that we’ll continue to hear about it.

Polygon’s market situation: our analysis

Polygon is in a phase of sideways movement in the market – a bit like the rest of the high-capitalization cryptocurrencies. However, the project has effectively proven to be one of the best Layer 2

alternatives on Ethereum. Layer 2s that are and will most likely remain necessary even after Ethereum moves to version 2.0 in PoS. Polygon remains one of the most prospective tokens and one that we could seriously consider for some diversification of our portfolio.

  • What does the technical analysis tell us?
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The 1-month technical analysis on Polygon Matic gives us a very interesting and positive cross-section, which would indicate the immediate as a useful time to consider an entry on this specific market


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Moving Average Indicators on 1-week Polygon

The moving averages are all bullish – which, however, could also be an effect of the token’s recent good momentum. We will therefore also look at what is offered by the leading technical indicators



Indicators on Polygon at 1 month

The situation here is also idyllic – with virtually no doubts about the future 4-week positive trend for Matic. Very interesting trends on which we can also invest with Capital.com (here to get a free demo account, unlimited and with full functionality, broker that offers us artificial intelligence, MetaTrader 4, TradingView and a real account for only 20 euro investment. We will also be able to use it for shorter term technical analysis. But always remembering that Polygon will grow also and above all by virtue of initiatives like the one we talked about today.