Polygon: Sandeep announces big news and MATIC flies... ! Analysis

The cryptocurrency world, even during incredible bull runs like today’s, thrives on hope and announcements. And Polygon’s Sandeep, one of the project’s factotums, has learned over time to create hype

around his project, which has consistently been among the most popular with investors over the past year.

The double-digit growth – and proportionally higher than even the leading cryptocurrencies on the market – is confirmation of this ability for Polygon Matic to know how to keep the attention high, with the latest of the news arriving just over the weekend, just before Bitcoin triggered a mad rush for the entire industry.

Matic Polygon - annuncio di grandi rivoluzioni - l'analisi di Criptovaluta.it Sandeep’s mystery announcement adds bull run to bull run

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Sandeep’s announcement shakes the Polygon Matic market

Of course, it wasn’t just the announcement of one of the most important men in the entire Polygon project that shook the markets. In fact we come from an unforgettable night, when in America it was still evening and in Asia the markets were starting to open. The gains for the entire sector, including Bitcoin and Ethereum

were the highest day on day since last February.

A general bullish market situation from which all cryptocurrencies have benefited a bit, with a growth in terms of total market cap

of over $100 billion. Polygon, however, has distinguished itself in an already very positive market, moving back above $1, which is considered highly symbolic and of high importance on a technical level as well. Contributing to Polygon’s faster growth was a cryptic announcement by Sandeep a short while ago, which according to many had already spread to the inner circle of developers and supporters of the project.

This weekend we finalized a momentous evolution for Polygon. This will be a more important step than the arrival of Matic inside Polygon – and will allow Polygon’s technology to offer a L2 extremely scalable.

I can’t talk yet, but… I can’t stay calm

Nothing concrete therefore, since not only we don’t know the terms of this innovation, nor the dates of the implementation. However, this was enough to add further fuel on a fire already strong and driven by the rise of the entire sector.

The future of Matic: it will not depend on Ethereum

What is certain is that the future of Polygon MATIC will not depend on the possibility of Ethereum to become more scalable. On the contrary: the project is demonstrating an enviable autonomy and even after the transition to Ethereum 2.0 it will continue to have a reason to exist. We believe that in a technological and market situation of this kind, it is more than legitimate to think that MATIC’s current price is vastly underestimated compared to what the project will be able to achieve in the future.

A consideration that belongs more to the world of fundamental analysis and speculation than technical analysis. But when the magnitude of the announcements is what we have just seen with Sandeep, there is to put aside the more solid tools of hype and let us guide a bit ‘of the current. A current that for now is pointing upwards for MATIC and all the projects in its ecosystem.