Poly Network hacker returned the rest of the $610 million stolen

Poly Network announced on its Twitter account on Monday that the “Mr. White Hat” hacker has returned the remaining funds he stole.

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Victims of the $600 million hack tweeted Monday

thanking the hacker for returning the rest of the money in his possession. It reads in tweed and just sums up the ordeal for everyone involved:

Dear Hacker, Thank you! We are ready for a new journey.

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Poly Network Team

To further explain their current position, Poly shared a blog post outlining the next steps to restore all stolen assets. The final piece of the puzzle was the private key that Mr. White Hat held to the ¾ multi-signature wallet

. This information was shared via an on-chain message.

Poly Network has successfully recovered the remaining 28,953 ETH and 1,032 WBTC (approximately $141 million). At this point, all user assets that were transferred during the incident have been fully recovered.

The blog goes on to thank Mr. White Hat again

for his cooperation and that the Poly network has begun the fourth and final phase of its asset recovery plan.

We are in the process of restoring full control of assets to users as soon as possible.
– Poly Network says.

The recovery process

Mr. White Hat shared the private key on the blockchain, which Poly Network verified and determined to be the true key to the multi-signature wallet. After confirming that the key was real, Poly Network officially began the process of returning user assets to the numerous individual victims of this attack.

Thanks to the patience and support of users over the past ten days, the Poly Network team will proceed with a thorough accounting of assets and return them to users as soon as possible.
– Poly Network claims.

The blog post states that upon successful completion of the asset restoration process. The network will resume cross-chain functionality for all assets along with other features “subject to full security confirmation.”

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The two entities are working together to free the frozen $33 million in Tether (USDT). According to the blog post, Tether has begun the process of confirming the final unfreezing and release of assets to Poly Network. F

irma asks users to be patient as it takes the final steps in this process to recover user funds.


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