Playboy to release new NFT collection for sale in partnership with SuperRare through Decentraland
Playboy to release new NFT collection for sale in partnership with SuperRare through Decentraland By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThe

launch of NFT Playboy’

s new collection is inspired by Miami, and the artwork is available on the platform starting today.


adult entertainment company Playboy announced a partnership with SuperRare to launch its first digital collectibles collection (NFT)

on the platform. The

Playboy team said in a message posted on its official Twitter account that the new NFT collection , which is the third of its kind to be launched by the company, will be unveiled today at Decentraland

Art Week.

This new collection is titled “Miami Beach Art Collection” and will feature works by Ayla El-Moussa, REK0DE, Jon Noorlander, MBSJQ, as well as an original photograph of 1970’s Playboy

girls on water skis.

Playboy and the NFTs


the launch of this new NFT collection, Playboy’s vice president of art curation and editorial, Liz Suman, commented in an interview



media as follows:

“Playboy has always taken risks when it comes to exploring new art forms, and digital art is the natural next step in that evolution!…I asked the artists to explore three themes relevant to Playboy’s past, present and future: a unique Miami aesthetic, the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape in which Playboy is deeply embedded, and the iconic Playboy logo.”

In addition to the above, Suman added:

“Our goal is to leverage our 67-year history to champion artists and engage in coworks that open up meaningful conversations about censorship, sexuality, and freedom of expression.”

As such, each artist participating in this Playboy collection will mint their respective NFTs on the Ethereum network, and then transfer them to the company for sale. Blockchain Ethereum network , and then transfer them to the company to make the corresponding sale. In this case, the adult entertainment company is working in conjunction with SuperRare, but the works will be promoted in collaboration with Decentraland, which is currently running its art week, so all of the works in question will be available for trading until July 18.

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Source: Decrypto, Twitter

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