Plant vs Undead server crash chills players' euphoria

Players who have tried to log into the Plant vs Undead platform over the past week have been met with a “farm maintenance” sign. The fever that broke out around the Play to earn

game reached such a point that its servers ended up crashing due to the massive influx of new digital farmers.

This new version of video games that reward players’ time and effort with tokens has allowed Plant vs Undead to benefit from the popularity enjoyed by Axie Infinity. Mainly because it offers simpler and cheaper alternatives to generate revenue in short periods of time.

With these elements as the main catalysts, Plant vs Undead saw a 1,300% growth in users in less than a month, given that “the developers were expecting no more than 14,000 players,” as noted by well-known youtuber KManuS88. However, more than 200,000 addresses have interacted with the project, as revealed by block explorer


Such growth came after the beta launch of the project, which materialized last August 2. At that time, the development team informed the community

that “bugs would be unavoidable and we may shut down the server when necessary, for bugs, maintenance or other issues.”

At the time, the game’s native token, the PVU, was in tenth place among listings on the decentralized Pancakeswap echange, while it has now climbed to seventh place, as of this writing.

Following the problems reported by the community, the developers of the project claim that they are working to expand the capacity of the servers in order to handle the exponential growth in the number of players. In that sense they have been introducing new changes, while the community continues to express

their dissatisfaction. Plant vs Undead server crash chills players' euphoria Plant vs Undead server crash chills players' euphoria The Plant vs Undead (PVU) native token is ranked seventh among the listings on the decentralized exchange Pancakesawp. Source: Screenshot.

Players report having difficulty logging in. This is because, apparently, new accounts must wait 24-48 hours to be whitelisted. Others point to difficulties tending to their crops, as players play as digital farmers who must tend to landowners’ land and their own crops, from which they earn their profits.

In their latest statement<

/a>, the Plant vs Undead team informed about their decision to organize almost a million users into 12 shifts, although they clarify that this will be a short-term solution. With this change, players will be grouped by batch according to their assigned schedules and will only have 30 minutes to perform their in-game tasks, depending on their group.

Among the promises made by the developers to the growing community is the hiring of staff to address the problems they have faced and improve the gaming experience. They likewise promise to develop apps for iOS and Android, as well as their own blockchain as the project is run on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

BSC is a great chain and can serve many purposes, but it was not created with gaming in mind. As a result, during our peak hours, our game transaction speed slows down considerably, causing several unexpected errors. We’ve already started this project and have all the necessary infrastructure in place, so it should only take a little more time.

Plant vs Undead development team.

As reported by CryptoNews in mid-July, a similar situation occurred with the Axie Infinity game when users reported slowness and sudden crashes of the platform, which ended up affecting the profits awarded to its participants, the main attraction of these video games.