Olive oil, DNA, art and NFT: The proposal of a Spanish artist in the field of digital collectibles.
Olive oil, DNA, art and NFT: The proposal of a Spanish artist in the field of digital collectibles. By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargelThe

artist’s proposal seeks to combine NFTs with techniques from various disciplines, demonstrating that the use



technology can promote a more interdisciplinary perspective when thinking about art.


The advent of NFTs opened up the possibility of revolutionizing the perspective in which many artists and enthusiasts conceive of art, creating new dimensions in which concepts are integrated with Blockchain

technology to create unique pieces, whether completely digital or as a backing for a physical work.

This seems to be the case of the Spanish artist and scientific researcher Solimán López, who in collaboration with the laboratory Twist Bioscience and Blue Room Innovation for the launch of a series of non-fungible tokens known as OLEA,

which will be linked to physical works of art and will serve as a certificate of ownership and authenticity of the same.

OLEA and its proposal in the NFT


The works in question are inspired by the concept of the Olea, which is a unique olive oil, developed through the use of techniques from various disciplines. According to its creator, the properties of this liquid together with the molecular synthesis of the code will give life to a cryptocurrency in a Blockchain environment ,

connecting science and the latest digital storage systems based on genetic code, for the creation of unique artistic pieces inspired by this concept.

In a press release sent to DiarioBitcoin, the team responsible for OLEA indicates that the work was presented for the first time last September 2 in the city of Barcelona, within the program of the ARS ELECTRONICA – BARCELONA GARDEN festival at the Espronceda Institute. They also indicate that through this new liquid element “the artist develops, from a series of NFT’s, a series of sculptures, audiovisuals and installations that revolve around olive oil”


In the first instance, the responsible team will launch a total of 250 NFT’s marketable through official channels. For each unit, the holder will get an OLEA and an OLEA GENESIS sculpture , which will be properly serialized and in its physical format will contain the oil that incorporates the DNA molecule. All this is resp

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and for verification on the respective token Blockchain through the respective token, giving the item a unique and unrepeatable character.

Subsequently, another 1,000 units of NFT tokens will be launched , being all of these the only ones to be issued for this year, although this will depend on the demand and availability of the corresponding items.

The rise of the NFT

While art has as its main property that it can lend itself to multiple interpretations, the truth is that the NFT sector is capitalizing a great boom among own and outsiders of Blockchaintechnology.

Within this sector we have the case of OpenSea, a platform that in mid-August reported that in a space of two weeks surpassed the milestone of USD $1 billion traded through its service. It is worth noting that this service has sold works for prices that exceed USD $1 million.

On the other hand, companies such as Marvel, Playboy, Coca-Cola, Dolce & Gabbanna and many other reputable companies are already actively operating in this market, putting their NFTs on sale among their communities of fans and enthusiasts familiar with this new fashion.

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Source: Official press release

Version by Angel Di Matteo / DiarioBitcoin

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