Nurse robot Grace comes to Cardano: will back its artificial intelligence modules on Blockchain
Nurse robot Grace comes to Cardano: will back its artificial intelligence modules on Blockchain By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel By

using Cardano’ s network ,

the Grace nursing robot will be able to process data in a shorter time and thus provide effective response to users and patients.


While today it is not uncommon to see use cases that integrate Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, in this opportunity Cardano’

s network will serve as a support to back the project of the humanoid Grace, who is listed as the first robotic nurse to care for people and older adults.


integrates with the robot nurse Grace

The robot is part of a program designed by the companies Awakening Health and SingularityNET, which aims to incorporate the aforementioned technologies to provide health care to people who require it. The project has already been running for some time but the incorporation of Cardano’



is contemplated precisely to feed the

Artificial Intelligence

modules used by Grace, requiring much less time to process data and provide effective response to the demands of users.

The corresponding announcement was made during the Cardano Summit 2021, where SingularityNET

CEO Ben Goertzel revealed the news to all attendees and commented:

“In applications like this, the robot needs to deal with medical records on the back-end, and it needs to handle potentially sensitive information that seniors and medical patients can give it… This really makes use of Cardano’s network security.”

‘Originally Grace AI was backed by the Ethereum network , but Goertzel pointed out that thanks to the advent of smart contracts in <a href=”” target=”_b

lank” rel=”noopener”>Plutus it will be possible to do a lot more interesting things, which were not possible due to the limitations that Solidityhas.

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Robotics, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

In these times of COVID-19 pandemic , Grace’s popularity increased remarkably in the face of the confinement situation and the need for health care among older adults. As such, the robot speaks fluent English and Korean, and her Artificial Intelligence allows her to have meaningful social interactions with patients.

Along with many other inventions, Grace is one of the use cases in which several outstanding technologies come together to design creative solutions that address current social problems.

Several renowned researchers say that possibly we are now living as a society the fourth industrial revolution, which unlike the previous ones does not come from the hand of a single technology that generates disruptive changes in the dynamics widely used, but involves the interaction of several of these to simplify processes of vital importance.

With the arrival of Smart Contracts on Cardano’ s network , it will remain to be seen which use cases will choose to migrate to its Blockchain Solidity and take advantage of the properties it offers to design innovative solutions in which its technology plays a big role.

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