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Making money from writing emails is possible on Substack. Now some writers can get paid in bitcoin.

Silicon Valley company Substack is now allowing readers to make payments in bitcoin. The company made the announcement via Twitter. The idea is to give creative writers more control over their subscriptions and payment method. However, the payment feature is only limited to some publishers so far. It said it wants to wait for the results of the “experiment” first before considering enabling it for all users.

Substack was founded in 2017 by Christopher Best, Hamish McKenzie and Jairaj Sethi in San Francisco. After several rounds of funding, the startup is now at an impressive $650 million valuation. Prominent investors include A16Z – the investment firm of star investors Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen.

Substack wants to make authors financially secure

With Substack, it is possible to get money from writing emails and articles. And vice versa, people who love to read can support smaller writers and enable them to earn a steady income. In addition, the company offers authors several other useful features. Such as design templates or features that provide a better reading experience. In the process, the Silicon Valley company offers an all-in-one payment feature for creatives so that they can completely focus on writing. The creatives on Substack can decide for themselves whether they want to charge money for reading their articles or not. In addition, Substack has 500,000 paying subscribers who support writers all over the world. These could potentially make their payments with bitcoin soon.

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The fact that Substack allows Bitcoin payments fits in with a trend that can be seen at the moment. Companies are thinking about how to integrate Bitcoin into existing business processes and what benefits Bitcoin brings. For example, a Puerto Rican company offers customers to buy used Teslas with Dogecoin.